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Outbreak (開戦) is the seventy fifth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


The fight began and Mord quickly used his helmet and became invisible. Bell looked around disoriented, unable to understand what was going on. After he got several punches, which appeared out of nowhere, he realized that he still heard Mord's footsteps and the sound of the trembling air. Although he tried to fight and defend himself, he couldn't see anything, just like the other adventurers who encouraged Mord to teach Bell a lesson. Soon Bell understood difference between his kind world where he's been leaving so far, and this place with adventurers' true nature.

Meanwhile, Hermes along with Asfi were watching Bell's fight, standing on the nearby tree. Asfi told Hermes that he had poor taste and she seemed to be skeptical, wondering why Hermes gave Mord her helmet since he stated that wanted to see Bell's strength with his own eyes. Hermes explained that Bell had no experience with the dark side of people and he should know that, considering that sooner or later he might encounter worse situation. On the other hand, Hermes couldn't deny that this spectacle was enjoyable for him and he did something bad to Hestia. Asfi wondered what would happen if Bell got broken and wouldn't be able to pass this test. Hermes stated that in that case Bell wasn't cut out for it. He turned, as if he noticed something and added that both Bell and them truly cared for their companions.

The sounds of battle and cheering were heard in the forest, where Hestia was still tied to the tree and guarded by Scott Olds and Guile India. They both seemed to be disappointed that they stuck here and couldn't enjoy Bell's fight with others. Hestia insisted that they told her what was going on, when suddenly almiraj jumped out of the bushes, carrying honey cloud in his paws and threw it at Scott and Guile. They let their guard down, wondering why almiraj did it and soon they realized that it was a bite for a bugbear. They ran away in panic, leaving Hestia alone. Unexpectedly almiraj returned to Hestia and she tried to convince him that she wasn't tasty at all. To her huge surprise it turned out that it was Lili in disguise of a monster. Lili explained that she found Hestia because she followed the scent of her perfume, which Hestia bought in Rivira. Thanks to her Cinder Ella Lili was able to copy the physical abilities of a target and despite it was limited, it could still be useful. Lili untied Hestia and informed her that Bell was fighting near the standing crystal, what's more Welf and their companions were there too. Right after Lili and Hestia decided to join the others.