Omen (兆し) is the seventy sixth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Takemikazuchi Familia members arrived on time to save Bell. Although the adventurers were surprised that they figured out where to find them, they weren't going to give up so easily. They threatened the trio and Ouka ordered Chigusa to give him a spear. However, he missed and the adventurer mocked him for being too slow. Now it was time for Mikoto, who quickly knocked him down, stating that they shouldn't underestimate Takemikazuchi Familia. The adventurers understood that it wouldn't be so easy as they expected and decided to use magic. When one of them started chanting, Welf appeared and used Will-o-Wisp against him, thanks which he successfully blocked his magic. Adventurers got mad and rushed towards Welf, which shocked him since he was just a level 1 smith. During the fight he lost his weapon and was in real trouble, when unexpectedly Ryuu appeared and beat the opponents. She asked if Welf was all right, which he confirmed and thanked her, still deeply shocked. He stood up and looked towards the chasm where his weapon fell and recalled Hephaestus' words not to put pride and his companions on the same scale.

In the meantime Bell kept fighting with Mord. However, the situation suddenly changed when Bell began to block all his attacks. Mord was sure that it was just a fluke and tried to kick Bell but he managed to avoid it. He looked at Bell furious, asking if he could see him. Bell was silent, ready for a counterattack.



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