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An Unprecedented Disaster (未曾有の惨事) is the seventy eighth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


In Rivira Asfi along with Bors watched from afar black goliath, attacking the adventurers. Bors was ready to escape when Asfi explained that the only exit has been sealed and goliath's roar summoned other monsters. As she stated, now the only reasonable way was to gather all adventurers and weapons to defeat the enemy, before they would overwhelm them. Bors cursed because he knew Asfi was right. He ordered everyone to fight, warning them not to run away, under threat of not entering Rivira again.

Ouka and Mikoto appeared and attacked goliath, however it didn't affect him at all. They told everyone to move away from there, when monster almost hit them. The duo fell on the ground, near to the huge hole. After Welf used his magic against the monster but it turned out to be pointless since goliath still stood as if nothing happened. Suddenly Ryuu attacked and noticed that this monster was different than normal goliath, with his strength and swift movements he most likely reached 5th level.

Mord tried to escape but he was quickly surrounded by a horde of monsters and was forced to defend himself. He called in panic his comrades, Scott Olds and Guile India, asking for their help, however they didn't show up. Bugbear punched him with a great power and when he was ready to give Mord a final blow, unexpectedly Bell appeared and defeated him with a few quick slashes. Mord still deeply shocked, tried to ask Bell why he was there, but he didn't listen to him and rushed to fight with other monsters. Lili grabbed Mord and dragged him to a safe place, stating that he was in Bell's way. She advised him to run away or hide if he wasn't able to fight. Mord couldn't understand why they helped him and Lili simply explained that he should thank Bell, who was extremely soft hearted. Then she walked away, leaving Mord confused, trying to figure out the meaning of her words.

Meanwhile Hestia along with Chigusa were heading to Rivira. Chigusa stated that they should gather shields and weapons since it could easily break during the fight with the floor boss. Unexpectedly bugbear appeared and barred their way.