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All-out Attack (総攻撃) is the seventy ninth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


When bugbear appeared in front of Hestia and Chigusa, the latter covered goddess with her own body, ready for the monster's attack. However, it wasn't necessary since the adventurers from Rivira came on time and defeated the bugbear.

Asfi returned with reinforcements and used burst oil against goliath, which exploded on his body. She was surprised that it only burned him a little. After she explained Ryuu that adventurers were going to attack monster with magic, so she should attract his attention. According to Ryuu they should do it together, which confused Asfi. Later Bors encouraged others to chant, stating that Asfi was going to be their decoy. They rushed to fight with goliath, while those who stayed gathered weapons.

When Bell and Lili finally reached Welf, he explained that he was all right and told about Mikoto and Ouka who were dealing with monsters at rear. When Welf asked if Bell was going to help them kill the monsters, Bell hesitated. The adventurers heading to fight with goliath, called him to go with them, teasing with Bell if he was scared. Welf smiled and told Bell that he should go, he wanted to brag that his contracted adventurer killed goliath. Bell ran with the others, equipped with new sword, trying to attack goliath from behind, however monster soon noticed them. Bell recalled memories of Ais who defeated floor boss on her own, he knew he couldn't retreat now if he wanted to catch up to her. He charged towards the monster, managed to avoid his blow and hit him with sword. The adventurers initiated attack with powerful magic and it seemed to be successful when goliath dropped on his knees. Although everyone got excited, Ryuu noticed that something was wrong. When the smoke dispersed, she realized that goliath regenerated.