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The Goddess' Affection (女神の寵愛) is the eighth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Underneath the colosseum, a Ganesha Familia member entered the monster holding area, demanding to know why the next monster hadn't been released yet. She was shocked to see the other Familia members on the ground, apparently intoxicated. As she tried to comprehend the situation, she was ambushed from behind by Freya and charmed into obeying her. Freya walked around and charmed several monsters before settling on the Silverback.

Outside in the festival, Bell and Hestia were looking for Syr. Hestia was annoyed that Bell had gotten close to so many other women when he heard a scream. The scream was followed by a roar as the Silverback escaped from the colosseum. Remembering Freya's orders, the monster looked around and spotted Hestia. The Silverback locked onto its target and slowly approached.

Inside of the colosseum, a Ganesha Familia member informed Ganesha that nine monsters had escaped. Ganesha ordered that a group be assembled to kill the monsters with help from the other Familias. The Familia member protested but Ganesha told him that honor and status weren't necessary in this situation.

Elsewhere, Eina heard about the monsters' escape from Misha. As Eina ordered Misha to contact other Familias, Loki and Ais overheard them and offered to help. Loki asked where the monsters were and Misha answered that most of them were at the Eastern Main Street. Eina realized that this was where Bell and Hestia were and worried for their safety.

At the Eastern Main Street, Bell tried to protect Hestia from the Silverback as best he could. He tried to push her away to safety only to discover that the monster was after her. As the Silverback moved to attack Hestia, Bell moved in between them and protected her.