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Resuscitation (起死回生) is the eightieth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


After black goliath regenerated, he attacked with all his might and summoned monsters again. Asfi quickly analysed the situation and ordered everyone to regroup and reassemble their forces. Bors tried to protest against this insane idea since goliath's strength overwhelmed all adventurers.

Ryuu asked Bell if he was all right and stated that he should help here fight the monsters, while she along with Asfi were going to hold goliath back and buy as much time as they needed. When she left, Bell stood alone, watching the battlefield and wondering about their hopeless situation. Soon he decided to use argonaut with its maximum power.

Meanwhile Ryuu along with Asfi desperately kept attacking goliath. Asfi warned elf not to push too much but she answered that everyone else put their lives on the line. Ryuu knew that their attacks didn't make serious damages on goliath, on the other hand magic could be useless since he was able to regenerate himself. Ryuu stated that they would have to fight until goliath run out of magic power.

The mages tried to start chanting and goliath attacked again. Ouka realized that the monster ignored the adventurers and focused on mages. When Chigusa appeared, Ouka angrily asked what she was doing in such a dangerous place and ordered her to give him a shield. She was terrified that he was going to join the wall, worrying that he would definitely die doing so. Ouka explained to her that he was a member of Takemikazuchi Familia, he didn't want to be someone who was just talking, he was ready to put his life on the line, especially as he's sacrificed others before. Chigusa obediently carried out his command and gave him a shield, unable to speak and with tears in her eyes.

Hestia watched from afar the fight with goliath, when suddenly Lili appeared and asked her to gather all the equipment, which she was going to deliver to the front lines. Hestia worried whether it was safe for Lily to bring it on her own, however she stated that no one else could do it. Suddenly, among all these weapons, Lili noticed a sword which apparently was drop item, made from a fang or nail of a large monster from the deep floors. Lili understood that she must deliver it to Bell, it was their chance to defeat goliath.