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An Attack With All of One's Might (渾身の一撃) is the eighty first chapter of the DanMachi manga.


The battle against black goliath continued. When Mikoto defeated bugbear, she suddenly noticed Ouka running with a shield. She rushed towards him and later met Chigusa, who explained what happened. Mikoto froze in fear.

When Bell was ready to attack, he told Ryuu and Asfi to move away from the goliath, then he used Firebolt. Although he aimed for monster's chest, he missed because of spell's power and hit goliath's head instead. Bell was sure that they won, however it turned out that monster survived and Bell was too exhausted to repeat his powerful attack. Ryuu warned him but it was too late, goliath already charged towards Bell and pushed him away. Suddenly Ouka appeared with his shield and luckily managed to cover Bell. Unfortunately goliath reached them with his fist and smashed Ouka's shield. The blood spurted from their mouths and Bell lost part of his armour. They fell to the ground unconscious, shocking Hestia, Lili and Welf who watched them from afar.