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The Abyss (深淵) is the eighty second chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Bell and Ouka were still lying limp on the ground after goliath struck them down. When he summoned new hordes of monsters again, Guile India stated that they couldn't do anything and they should run away now. Mord cursed, not knowing what to do next, when goliath attacked the adventurers and pushed them away. Scott Olds shouted that they couldn't win for sure. Meanwhile, Hermes, who watched what was going on, seemed to be a little bit concerned about this unfortunate turn of events. Soon he came to a conclusion that he should go.

When Mikoto, Chigusa and Ryuu reached Bell and Ouka, they quickly realized the seriousness of the situation. It turned out that no one had any high potions left to heal them. After Hestia and Lili appeared and asked Ryuu about Bell's condition, elf explained that he was still breathing, however his wounds were deep. Their conversation was interrupted because Asfi, who kept fighting with the monster, called for Ryuu to come back. Suddenly Hestia asked elf to buy as much time as possible and stated firmly that Bell could defeat goliath. Ryuu looked at boy, who was still unconscious and confirmed that she understood. After she joined Asfi, Hestia squatted down next to Bell, she took his hand and started talking to him. With a simple words she explained that everyone was fighting with the terrifying monster and he was the only one who could help them. Hestia closed her eyes in despair and begged Bell to get up

Somehow Hestia's voice reached Bell's mind. He tried to focus and force his body to move, but he wasn't able to do anything. Unexpectedly Bell heard some familiar words and recognized everything that his grandfather told him once about being a hero. Just like before, these words motivated Bell, he regained his strength and suddenly woke up. As it turned out it was Hermes, who spoke to him, referring to his grandfather. Bell stood up, thinking about Ais and his comrades who kept fighting with the monster. He straightened out, ready to surpass his limits and risk himself. Lili approached Bell and gave him a sword that she found earlier. When he took up arms and initiated his magic attack, he was ready for the final battle with goliath.