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Pride and Companions (意地と仲間) is the eighty third chapter of the DanMachi manga.


While Bell was ready to strike with his heavy attack, the other adventurers began doubt whether their efforts would be rewarded with success. The huge wave of monsters was approaching over and over, overwhelming and discouraging everyone. When they decided to escape to the forest, Mord unexpectedly yelled at them, calling them cowards as well. He stated firmly that they should stay and were not allowed to run away and just abandon those who kept fighting. Mord's words became embedded in their minds and hearts. When suddenly everyone heard the sound of bells and recognized Bell, they all understood that there was still hope for victory. Everyone charged through the enemies with redoubled strength and enthusiasm.

Ryuu quickly analysed the situation and ordered to attack goliath's legs, at the same time chanting with Luminous Wind. Looking at her, Mikoto realized that she couldn't compare with her abilities, however, she decided to use her magic as well. Meanwhile Asfi used Talaria and blinded goliath for a while, thanks which she bought elf more time to continue chanting. Unluckily Ryuu's attack turned out to be not enough effective to incapacitate the monster, as he was still trying to catch them. Then Mikoto used Futsunomitama which trapped goliath in gravity cage, yet she quickly began to lose her strength.

In the meantime Welf was struggling through the thicket and couldn't forgive himself that he wasn't able to do anything to protect Bell. He recalled the moment when Ouka covered boy using his own shield and shouted Hephaestus' name in despair. Welf remembered exactly their conversation, when he refused to create magic swords anymore. She accepted his decision, however she warned him that he would regret it when his companions would be in danger. Welf looked around, talking to his weapon as if it was a living creature, begging it to appear and help him to save someone important. When suddenly something gleamed in the grass, Welf knew his prayers were answered.