Hero's Strike (英雄の一撃) is the eighty fourth chapter of the DanMachi manga.

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Mikoto strained every nerve not to let goliath free from the gravity cage. All she wanted was to buy Bell some time to prepare for the final attack. Soon monster broke through the magic wall and got outside. Everyone stared at goliath with fear in their eyes, when unexpectedly Welf appeared, running and yelling to move aside. Everyone scattered, while he charged through the monster, using his magic sword. An inconceivably power stroke goliath and his body disappeared in dazzling light. Soon Welf's sword broke into pieces but it wasn't a problem anymore since Bell didn't waste given time and completed his magic. He attacked goliath with one mighty blow, shocking everyone who was looking at his struggle, with Hestia whispering that he possessed the hero's strike.

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