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Delight (歓喜) is the eighty fifth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


After Bell stroke goliath with his Argonaut, all monsters began to flee in panic. Everyone stood shocked and speechless at the sight of defeated goliath. Bell fell on his knees, completely exhausted, when his comrades rushed to him, overcome with joy.

Hermes went mad with delight, he praised Bell for his actions and spoke in ecstasy about new era that was coming. He mentioned Ottar, Riveria, Finn and Ais, excited about the future achievements of all heroes. He was laughing like a madman, dizzy with happiness that he came to this world.

The time has passed and everyone's life was getting back to normal. The appearance of a floor boss in the safe zone was something unexpected and the Guild forbade talking about it, stating that it was an act of the gods, who provoked the incident.

Some time later Hestia was seen with Bell in their home in an abandoned church, talking about a huge amount of money that they lost. Bell was ready to work hard to earn more and decided to see with all people who helped him. He met with Miach, who provided all elixirs thanks which his injures were completely healed. Then he thanked Hephaestus and went to the Hostess of Fertility to see with Ryuu and Syr. Lion was glad that Bell was fine now, referring to his bad condition after the fight with goliath. Unexpectedly Syr gave him a sharp reprimand, warning not to spy Ryuu anymore. Bell was barely able to speak and only confirmed that he understood, however Ryuu explained that it was all an accident. After Syr praised Bell that he defeated goliath and was deeply impressed with his strength. Bell stated firmly that it wasn't only his merit since all people from different familias united and supported him during the fight, believed in him and protected all the time. Syr and Ryuu looked at Bell, surprised with his words, but the elf smiled since it was something expected that he would say. Syr got excited, calling Bell a celebrity, proud that their customer become famous. However Bell still refused to call him someone special, as he was aware of his own shortcomings and emphasized that he was stronger with his companions.

In the meantime Apollo met with Hyakinthos, who reported to him on the incident of the 18th floor. When Apollo heard that Little Rookie was the one who gave goliath the final blow, he got extremely excited and new devious plan formed in his head.