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Conflict (紛紜) is the eighty sixth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Lili appeared before god Soma, kneeling and begging him for permission to leave Familia. She apologized to him for not showing for a long time and for her behavior. However, Soma seemed to be deaf to her prayers, he stared abstractedly, muttering something under his breath. Unexpectedly Zanis Lustra came to the chamber and interfered with their meeting. He stated firmly that Soma was busy now, so Lili should talk to him instead of her master. Zanis informed Lili that she couldn't leave the familia without the compensation of 10 millions valis and asked Soma if he agreed for this condition. Since Soma confirmed it, Zanis went for a meeting with Apollo Familia, leaving Lili depressed and Soma lost in thought.

Some time later Lili, Bell and Welf met in the tavern and were celebrating the latter's runk up. Welf appreciated their congratulations, however he felt a little bit awkward since Bell still didn't level up, although he fought with goliath. Welf's professional status allowed him to put his familia's brand name on his creations, although with some strict exceptions. Bell was wondering if Welf would leave them now, since he joined the party to raise his blacksmithing skills. Welf denied, stating that nothing has changed and he was going to continue their cooperation. After that they drank a toast to sealed their friendship. Bell mentioned Hestia, deeply grateful for her incessant support and emphasized that he was looking forward to working with his companions again. Suddenly Lili became sad and when Bell noticed it, she denied that something was wrong and kept talking about his achievements and gaining recognition.

Unexpectedly some stranger from the next table questioned Bell's credibility, claiming that he was cheating with his status and laughing at his escape from minotaur. Bell recalled Hestia's warning to avoid quarrels with other familias and tried to stay still, however the adventurer kept mocking at his comrades. Bell sighed, disgusted with this embarrassing situation but when stranger hurled insults at Hestia, it made his blood boil. Bell yelled at him, demanding to take back this awful words, ready to punch him. After all Welf was faster and smashed adventurer's face with his leg.

The events unfolded very fast and the fight began, with the audience encouraging everyone, excited with an unexpected entertainment. It seemed that Bell and Welf gained an advantage, since their resistance surprised the opponents. Unluckily soon Welf was knocked down and when Bell tried to help him, he got a blow from the man, who turned out to be Hyakinthos from Apollo Familia.