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All of the Courage (ありったけの勇気) is the ninth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


After being punched by the Silverback, Bell landed a few feet away. He quickly noticed the monster in front of Hestia and ran to save her. Bell grabbed the chain on the cuff around its wrist and pulled it to prevent it from attacking her. He then let go and grabbed Hestia, leaving the scene before the monster could recover.

Bell led Hestia through several alleys before Hestia realized where they were and tried to stop him. Bell realized that they were about to enter Daedaelus Street, a place that was known as the other labyrinth. With the Silverback approaching, they decided to take the chance and entered.

After running around for a little bit, they thought that they lost the Silverback before it jumped down between them. Bell was instantly overcome with fear due to his past encounter with the minotaur. However, he quickly came to his senses and knew what he had to do. He tried attacking the monster but his dagger had no effect on it. The monster became angered and slammed him against the wall. Bell grabbed the magic stone in the lamp near him and blinded the Silverback, giving him the opening to take Hestia and run. As he ran, he blamed himself for his weakness.