Is it Wrong to Expect a Hot Spring in the Dungeon? (ダンジョンに温泉を求めるのは間違っているだろうか) is a special OVA episode of the DanMachi anime.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Special Case with design by Yasuda Suzuhito
  • 8-page book
  • Special CD: Hestia's Character Song Kimi to Boku no Ichinichi
  • Audio Commentary
  • Non-Credit Ending

Summary[edit | edit source]

After their battle with the Black Goliath, Bell and the others find a hot spring-like place on their way back to the surface, and decide to take a break there...

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the aftermath of their battle against the Black Goliath, Bell, and his companions finally, head back to the surface. During their trip out of the Dungeon, they're ambushed by Hellhounds and then a large group of Hard Armoreds. The monsters are dealt with mostly by Bell which earns him praise from his female companions, much to Hestia's dismay. Hestia then accidentally and unintentionally uncovers a hidden cave leading to uncharted territory. Mikoto's nose then picks up a certain scent coming from the uncharted territory causing her to exuberantly follow it. Bell and his companions follow in suit and at the end of the tunnel, they reach a hot spring like area.

Figuring that the area is a present given to them by the Dungeon, they all decide to fully indulge in its kindness. Also in order to prevent Hermes from peeping on them and allow the other men to join in on the hot spring experience. Ryuu proposes that they all wear swimsuits. As it so happens, Hermes has custom-tailored swimsuits for everyone. While the ladies get dressed in their swimsuits, Hestia has a wardrobe malfunction as her breasts are too big for her swimsuit bra. To remedy Hestia's problem, Welf is recruited to sew together a makeshift swimsuit for Hestia. Now that Hestia's problem was solved the group gets ready to bathe in the hot spring, unbeknownst to them all a monster lurks in the waters.

Everyone's swimsuit is the showcased and Asfi, Lili, and Chigusa all feel embarrassed by theirs. Then after following, Mikoto's Hot Spring Manner Symposium, the group finally jump into the hot spring and have some fun. Bell, Welf, and Ouka briefly talk with one another until Bell is called by Hestia and Ouka by Chigusa. All alone, Welf is then joined by Ryuu who fishes by his private area and tries to console his loneliness with some advice. Meanwhile, Ouka sits in boiling hot water, but stays there due to how sexy Chigusa, Asfi, and Mikoto look in their swimsuits. The trio of ladies talks amongst each other until Ouka passes out from the heat from the hot spring he sat in. Elsewhere, Hestia and Bell walk down a pathway leading to a place further into the hot spring area. Hestia then tries to embrace Bell by suggesting they huddle together in order to stay warm, but Bell has an epiphany to get Lili and the others to join them.

Back to Welf and Ryuu, Welf chisels away at a rock while Ryuu continues fishing. Her reason for doing so is because her intuition tells her that the hot spring is a naturally formed one. Now with Lili, Bell and her soak themselves under a mini waterfall, much to Hestia's annoyance. She then spots a twinkling red light at the end of the pathway they found and gets Bell to follow her to it. Now that the two of them now alone together, the watercolor turns orange, and becomes mildly acidic. It causes everyone in the water swimsuit to disintegrate. Originally Hermes is believed to be the culprit behind this, however, he was innocent. As it turns out while Hestia tries to confess her love for Bell, they two are attacked by a trio of Anglerfish Monsters. Bell then carries Hestia from there until he trips and falls after being attacked by one of the Anglerfish Monsters. Dunked in the water, Hestia's swimsuit starts to disintegrate. Ryuu then arrives at the scene and defeats the Anglerfish Monsters and is soon joined by everyone else.

Now that everyone is there, Bell's Argonaut skill activates and the boss of the place a Giant Anglerfish Monster appears. Using the power of his Argonaut skill, Bell defeats the monster with his Firebolt spell. Although the monster was defeated... Bell unintentionally lost his swim trunks in the process. Figuring that the hot spring was created by the Anglerfish Monsters, they decide to inform the Guild about the place when they reach the surface. As the group head out of the hot spring area, a shot of the rock that Welf was chiseling is revealed to be Hephaestus wearing bloomers.

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