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Daphne Lauros (ダフネ・ラウロス) is a member of the Miach Familia and a former executive member of the Apollo Familia.


Daphne is a beautiful young woman who exudes a strong aura. She has medium length dark hair, red in the anime, and sharp light yellow eyes, as well as a strong and cutting voice.


Daphne is a calm and collected person despite her looks. Direct and cutting when it comes to speaking, she is unwilling to waste time on unnecessary talk, so she tends to get to the point and finish her conversations quickly. She is quite frank and is not afraid to be honest even if it can be painful. She is also a very serious and no-nonsense person.

Despite her demeanor, she can be empathetic at times, as she showed some pity for Bell, who had caught the attention of her obsessive God. She is a responsible girl with a strong sense of duty, which makes her a loyal dependent who actively sought to capture Bell and defeat him in the War Game despite her distaste for Apollo and his actions.

Having sympathized with her due to both having been forcibly recruited into the Apollo Familia, Daphne became friends with Cassandra. She cares for Cassandra and constantly looks after her, although she doesn't believe her visions and dismisses them as dreams. She seems to dislike her shy attitude and occasionally hits her to shut her up.

Nevertheless, Daphne has a firm trust in her friend. She ultimately put her faith in Cassandra to save their group from the collapse of the 25th Floor by taking the option she suggested based on her dream, declaring that despite not believing in her visions she trusts her. Likewise, she is somewhat indulgent at times with her, such as when she went with Cassandra to Rivira so she could get a special dish.

She has mixed feelings for Apollo due to him taking care of her despite forcing her into his familia, stating that she was thankful, but hated him even more for that.


Commander: During her time in the Apollo Familia as an executive, Daphne was forced on several occasions to lead the other members of the Familia, gaining some skill as a commander.


Raumure (ラウミュール): Protection magic that raises Daphne's endurance and largely raises her agility. Its effectiveness depends on her magic stat. She doesn't usually uses it since it reminds her of Apollo.


Elios Passion (鉛矢受難(エリオス・パスシオン)): Slightly raises Daphne's agility. If she's being chased, it allows her to temporarily obtain the development ability Escape.

Laurus Wreath (月桂輪廻(ラウルス・リース)): Heavily increases Daphne's endurance if she's exhausted or dying. She is able to select where to activate it and it modifies her skin.

Development Abilities[]

Abnormal Resistance (耐異常): Abnormal Resistance negates the effect of abnormalities such as poison.

Escape (逃走): Daphne can only use Escape through her skill, Elios Passion, when she is being chased. Escape increases Daphne’s speed when running away.


Fencer Laureate (フェンサー・ローリイット): A 60 cm long short sword that resembles a takt made from sacred moon sap and blue pillar steel. It is a weapon that Apollo had gifted to her, which he obtained from the Far East, and it was originally called Keikan Kenjin (桂冠剣人). It is sturdy, light weight, and aids the wielder with their magic casting.


  • Daphne's name is based on the naiad Daphne from Greek mythology, who was pursued by Apollo, and became a laurel tree to escape.
  • Daphne's weapon, Fencer Laureate, is based off of Poet laureate, and its Japanese name is a reference to the former's Japanese translation.