Demeter (デメテル) is the head of the Demeter Familia.


Demeter is a beautiful mature woman with long golden honey colored hair and orange eyes. Like Hestia, she is well endowed, giving her a great figure. She usually wears a long, light pink dress and a gold belt around her waist, though she wore white gloves and a light colored dress with darker edges and a wheat symbol to Ganesha's banquet.


Demeter is a good natured Goddess that acts mature when talking to others whether they may be Gods or their children. She apparently can get carried away as she asked Lunoire not to praise her too much about her cooking. She is on good terms with other Gods like Hestia and enjoys teasing others as shown when she hugged Bell in front of her. She can be aware of the hidden motives of others, such as when she noticed Dionysus' expression during the God's banquet.

Demeter also cares for her children, as she used to worry about Lunoire when she was a bounty hunter, and suggested for her work with the other members in the fields once she finished her work.


  • Demeter is named after the Greek Goddess of agriculture and the harvest.


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