The Demeter Familia (デメテル・ファミリア) is an agricultural and business type Familia led by Demeter.


Demeter Familia Emblem

The Demeter Familia Emblem

The Demeter Familia owns land on the outskirts of Orario which they farm to produce fruits and vegetables. Their produce is well liked and considered as high quality across the city. Their home is known as the Wheat Manor ((むぎ)(やかた)), and is located in northern Orario.

The Demeter Familia is stated to surpass the Ganesha Familia in terms of membership if one include non combatants. The familia owns a large farm outside of Orario and is said to be in charge of the city's food, and if the supply stopped, the city would experience an "eternal winter".


Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Lunoire FaustHumanBounty HunterNone4Partially Left Familia


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