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Eina Tulle (エイナ・チュール) is a receptionist at the Guild and Bell's advisor.


Eina is a beautiful Half Elf with a slim body, pointy ears, shoulder-length brown hair, and emerald colored eyes. She used to keep her hair long until she experienced the death of Maris Hackard, from which point she cut her hair to what it is currently. She often wears the uniform of the Guild.


Eina is an erudite who shows a serious, calm demeanor, appearing as a very wise and sisterly figure towards Bell, even so far as getting worried whenever he went out to dangerous levels in the dungeon.

She is a rather quite humble woman who dislikes to draw out attention towards herself or point out any of her own qualities as remarkable, even if they are indeed. Likewise, she is against asking for help or support from others to avoid bothering anyone else with her personal problems.

Even when she suspected someone was stalking her she refused to follow Misha's advice of hiring a bodyguard, and only accepted Bell's offer to act as one after he pressured her.

Though she is already an adult, Eina seems to lack experience in regard to romantic relationships. As such, she is sensible about the subject of romance or love, which causes her to get embarrassed when it is mentioned, especially coming from Bell.

Due to it, advances are a hard problem to deal with whenever someone attempts to ask her out on a date or give her a gift. Though she is largely uninterested, she has nonetheless shown to be a sensitive person, given that she always tries to reject them in a way so as to not hurt them or their feelings.

She is a responsible person firmly committed with her work. She constantly works with high efficiency, unwilling to give in to distractions until she finishes her job, and is known for spending quite a lot of time working. She also disapproves laziness and often prompts Misha to complete her own work and do it properly.

Eina is passionate about her job, as she doesn't want any adventurers under her care to die in the dungeon. She has a particular stance when it comes to advising adventurers; in addition to the usual dungeon-prowling advice and regular meetings, she would also summon her adventurers to private lessons, where she crams as much dungeon knowledge into their heads as possible.

It was to the point where she gained a scary reputation among many adventurers, as she would often demand her pupils to perfectly draw out maps and monsters strategies from memory, with the threat of extra work if there were any mistakes. No one had lasted all the way to the end of her course, most ran away halfway through, and the only one known so far to be able to endure her lessons is Bell. As severe as she is, on a few ocassions she can be a bit forgiving. Once Bell had finished a test she immediately noted some mistakes, but still let him go after seeing he was extremely tired already.

Due to her beauty, Eina is popular with her coworkers and adventurers, and is often flirted on. Some keep on trying even if they're rejected, like Dormul and Luvis. However, she doesn't like normal adventurers due to how reliable they seem, a quality that intimidates her.

Instead, she has come to prefer unreliable men who are normal and awaken her protective instinct, someone with a lot of troubles that through effort and perseverance manages to overcome them as she keeps taking care of him.


During her time as a student, Eina met a fellow student, Misha, with whom she became good friends. Five years ago, she joined the Guild at the age of 14 after she graduated from school. She chose to work at the Guild since it paid well; and she wanted to send money home to her parents who supported her and her younger sister for several years. Originally excited to work at the Guild, she quickly learned that it wasn't as fun as she thought it would be, eventually changing her personality into what it is now. She met Bell five years later and became his dungeon advisor.


Hieroglyphs: Thanks to her academic education, Eina is able to comprehend sacred text, the language of the Gods. Although she isn't quite fluent with it, Eina understands it well enough to read it properly, which allowed her to interpret the content of Bell's falna correctly.