Bell CranelEdit

Eina first met Bell when he registered at the Guild and has been his advisor ever since. She treats Bell as if he was her younger brother and often gets worried whenever he went out to dangerous levels in the dungeon, to the point where she strictly advised the boy not to go on adventures. Just seeing him returning from the dungeon lightens up her mood. Misha notes Bell to be Eina's favorite adventurer and is also the first person to describe Bell as being like a little brother to Eina.

Although advisors are not supposed to venture into adventurers' personal affairs, she is shown to deeply care for Bell, at one point suspecting Lili and the Soma Familia and went to gather more details about them from Loki Familia. Once she even requested Ais to help Bell. She also spent time giving him serious lectures about the dungeon so that he would not die. Thanks to this, Bell was able to avoid fatal injuries and death countless times.

Eina Bell Cranel

Eina is very open towards Bell. She often gives him advice on different matters which may or may not be related to adventuring. Bell also has great trust towards her, to the point of showing his Falna to her. She also went out with him to guide Bell to Babel Tower to purchase gears at his preference while teasing it as a date and purchased him the Green Supporter as a gift. After the Xenos incident, however, Eina became angry at Bell for hiding the situation from her, at one point she asked him if she was just a convenient woman, causing others to misunderstand the situation.

Misha FlottEdit

Eina and Misha 2

Misha is the colleague of Eina who has been friends with her since their time at the School. They spend most of their time together, even during lunch and drinks. Misha is also able to note the changes in Eina's behavior, during the time Eina was being stalked and also at the time when Bell acted as her bodyguard. She likes teasing her friend, Eina, about her relationship with Bell; or any of her male relationships for that matter. Misha often grins while listening to the conversation of Eina with Bell at the reception counter.

Riveria Ljos AlfEdit

Riveria and Eina

Riveria was a friend of Eina's mother, Aina. Eina highly respects Riveria as a member of the royal family. Due to having known Eina since she was a child, Riveria is able to tell whenever Eina was keeping secrets.