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Episode Zero: The Night Before the Expedition (エピソードゼロ『遠征前夜』) is a special story included in the Sword Oratoria Volume 8 Drama CD.


An expedition - it's the beginning of an adventure you go on with your companions in the dungeon in order to reach the unexplored areas and challenge the unknown.
With an expedition coming up, the Loki Familia members diligently prepare, are filled with hope and uneasiness, and begin to look back on their inner feelings-

"Hey! I'd like to hear what it was like when you guys first met!"

-on the contrary, an unexpected question starts an insider talk about a first class adventurer!
A dull young man who's forced to reveal secret stories, a roommate who's the cause of everything, and the Elf girl who goes out of control over the revealed past!
An out of control night before the expedition beings!
"Ufu, fufufu...an 8 year old Ais-chan is cute...so is a 7 year old one..."