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In a bar within Orario, a Human adventurer complained about the Hostess of Fertility. While the adventurer admitted that their food was good and they had good looking employees, he complained that their prices were high and they could get thrown out if they became drunk. However, the adventurer advised the others that if they had trouble, they should buy a beer and complain about their troubles. He revealed that there was a a certain Elf that still believed in justice and that she might help them with their troubles.

Before dawn, Ryuu was training by herself with her wooden sword. Noticing that it was getting close to dawn, she stopped her training, practicing hard enough to make most people run in fear. While the work for the bar began early, she always woke up much earlier than that to train, even though she had already retired as an adventurer. She wasn't satisfied with her training but remembered that those who once trained with her stopped after she went too far. She thought about inviting Bell to train with her, though she changed her mind when she remembered that he was Syr's future husband, as she believed that it would be dishonorable to be alone with him behind her back.

The Hostess of Fertility that day was doing well. However, around noon, the peace was broken by two Humans arguing with each other. The woman was angry at her husband for pledging their daughter Anna over his gambling debts. At first, the man tried to make up excuses, then shouted at the people around them when he noticed that they were staring at them. The man began to become violent but was quickly subdued by Lunoire. Anya and Chloe grabbed the man's shoulders. Anya asked him about who had to clean up the mess while Chloe told him that people who wasted other peoples' food should be sent to hell by the Gods. As they complained about his attitude, the pair kicked his legs out from under him. Mia telling the man off before throwing him out of the Hostess of Fertility. People outside were surprised that a man came flying, however they continued on when they saw that he came from the Hostess of Fertility.

Soon after, Ryuu brought the man back to the Hostess of Fertility to listen to his story. The man, Huey, tearfully explained that the gamblers told him that it was just play, but as he lost they began threatening to come to his house to collect money. That morning the debt collectors had taken his daughter and evicted his wife out of their house, at which point his wife decided to come to the Hostess of Fertility to talk it over with her husband. Ryuu noticed that the method the man described was one she had encountered a long time ago. Judging from the information given to her, Ryuu theorized that his daughter was targeted from the beginning.

After she came to her conclusion, Ryuu asked them whether they had already asked the Guild or the Ganesha Familia. The husband answered that they hadn't as they didn't know how long it would take before their request would be reviewed. The wife commented that she wished the Astraea Familia was still around, forcing Ryuu to try hard to hide any emotions. Ryuu debated within her mind on whether to accept their request as she believed that she no longer had the right to bear justice.

That night, Ryuu disguised herself as a flower seller like Anna was, leaving the Hostess of Fertility to investigate. She made her way to a bar at the end of an alleyway, the place where Huey had gambled earlier. Noticing the gambling area, Ryuu walked over to it, asking for the whereabouts of Anna. The man refused to tell her for free and challenged her to cards. After she defeated him nine times in a row, the man accused her of cheating, ordering his subordinates to attack her. His subordinates stood no chance against her. Frightened, the man agreed to talk, revealing to her that he was paid by someone in the Market Area to kidnap the girl without causing a scene. The man didn't know anything more than that, causing Ryuu to dump him on the ground and leave. Once she left, she stopped by a certain place before returning to the Hostess of Fertility.

The morning after visiting the bar, Ryuu was working at the Hostess of Fertility when Asfi visited her, requesting to speak with her. She had visited the Hermes Familia home the night before, leaving a request for Asfi, as she knew that the Hermes Familia had the best intelligence network. Asfi told her that they had succeeded in locating where Anna had gone and had come as soon as possible to report the results since she didn't like having debts with people. She then revealed that Anna hadn't been sold to the Entertainment District but rather to the Grand Casino El Dorado Resort, whose owner had used people to have Anna brought to him. Asfi warned her that investigating the place could cause problems and advised her to forget about it. In the kitchen, Anya informed Syr that the two women were talking about a casino, leading Syr to wonder about it.

Two days later, Ryuu was still contemplating on whether to investigate, simulating multiple invasion plans inside of her mind while she worked. As she neared an alley, she heard a conversation, recognizing one voice as Syr but only saw the tail of the person she was talking to. Syr noticed Ryuu, showing her an invitation to the Grand Casino, claiming that she received it from a friend, and offered to let her use it if she could come with her. Ryuu tried to refuse but Syr pointed out that the invitation was for a couple, making it suspicious if Ryuu went alone. Knowing that she had been won over, Ryuu accepted her condition. However, she immediately realized that the invitation was for a couple, causing Ryuu to be agitated and Syr to smile.

That night both Ryuu and Syr visited the Grand Casino. Ryuu was disguised as a man while Syr was wearing a dress. After Syr teased Ryuu by acting like her wife, Ryuu became slightly concerned about how much skin her dress revealed, glaring at any men that sent glances her way. As the two women made their way to the entrance, Ryuu recognized members of the Ganesha Familia, and hoped to avoid fighting them. Syr displayed their invitation to the doorman of the Grand Casino and the two entered as Allude and Syrene Maximilian.

Upon arriving in the casino area, Ryuu and Syr quickly located the El Dorado Resort, entering the grand casino under their assumed aliases. As they looked around at the rich decorations, Syr asked if she could take home some casino chips for a gift to Chloe and the others. Ryuu rejected her wish, then informed her that by purposely standing out, the casino side would try to get in touch with them on their own. However, since the two only had the 1,000,000 valis that Ryuu had, they would have to keep on winning to be invited into the VIP Room.

Moving on to the gambling tables, both women noticed Royman Mardeel, with Ryuu being too disgusted to look at him. At that moment, the two heard a very familiar voice, and upon checking the voice's identity they recognized the person as Bell. Bell almost gave their identities away though Ryuu silenced him in time to prevent it. A voice called out to him, and Ryuu recognized Mord and his companions, learning from their conversation that Mord had apparently dragged him here to thank him for allowing him to win the War Game bet. Mord and his companions also almost revealed their identities but were silenced with a kick. While they groaned in pain, Ryuu explained her mission, however Bell's attention was seized by Syr in her dress, causing him to become red faced. Ryuu cautioned him to not send perverted glances to Syr, making herself wonder why she couldn't let it slide, as in her mind he was Syr's future husband. She came to the conclusion that it must be because she was an Elf, a race known for their cleanliness.

Shifting her attention back to Mord and his companions, Ryuu questioned why someone like them were able to get into the El Dorado Resort, with Mord revealing that they had a Gold Pass Card that they earned from spending huge amounts of money at casinos, bragging that they were probably the only Third Class Adventurers to have one. Ryuu realized that they must've been spending all of their earnings on gambling, lecturing them that they were still Level 2 because of it. She then questioned them about the VIP Room and learned that the casino didn't allow even the Ganesha Familia guards to go near it, making it a completely unknown place for most people.

After Ryuu interrogated them, Syr suggested that Bell play roulette, causing her and Mord to drag him over to an empty roulette table. To their shock, Bell kept on winning game after game, leaving him with a huge amount of money which Ryuu and Syr borrowed from to make up more than what they lent him. Using the money, Ryuu went around to the various tables, risking losses to try to gather more money. While she did so, Syr acted as a loving wife, even using her connections with Gods to make them spread false information to help them stand out.

As they predicted, a person approached them, telling them that Terry Cervantes wanted to see them. Terry offered a handshake to Ryuu though she made up the excuse that she reserved physical contact with only his wife. Satisfied with her answer, Terry pointed out that the two women had been winning repeatedly, offering them access to the VIP Room. Both Ryuu and Syr agreed to his request. However, while they were walking to the VIP Room, Terry thought he recognized Ryuu, leaving it as a mistake when she questioned him about it. Soon after the three of them reached the entrance and entered the VIP Room.

After entering the VIP Room, Terry led Ryuu and Syr down a hallway to a table, introducing them to the others sitting around it. Ryuu took the opportunity to ask Terry about the various women around the area, to which he told her that they were his lovers, and to share them he had them sit around where other people could see them, confirming what Mord had told her about the owner earlier. Soon after, Ryuu brought up the subject of Terry's newest lover, causing him to order one of the nearby waiters to bring her. Just as she suspected, the newest woman was Anna. Immediately, Ryuu revealed to everyone that she had heard of someone that had bet his daughter over a game of cards, later learning that "someone else" was behind it. Terry and Anna instantly knew what she was talking about, prompting him to become defensive, with Ryuu making her intention of making war clear to him.

Once she made her intentions known, Ryuu challenged Terry to a game, telling him that the loser would listen to a request that the winner had. Accepting her request, he ordered a waiter around him to bring her gambling chips, commenting that she had to use them or else it wouldn't be possible to have their game. She recognized them as the highest priced ones available, noting that he was making it clear that the loser was also going to be in a large amount of debt. Terry asked her if she had any specific game she wanted to play, mentioning that if she didn't they would play poker. Not caring in the slightest, Ryuu accepted his request, and the game began between her and the five others sitting at the table.

While Ryuu was confident at the beginning, she soon realized her mistake; she hadn't taken the time to figure out the connections between Terry and the other guests, leading her to believe that they were teaming up against her to help Terry. At that point, he told her what his request would be if he won, asking her to lend him Syr. His words agitated her even further, right to the point of just letting loose, but to her surprise Syr asked if she could take over Ryuu's place in the game. He accepted her request as he didn't think it would make any difference. After switching, Syr asked if she could invite the man that "saved their lives", having one of Terry's bodyguards fetch Bell from the main casino room. Bell didn't know what was happening, further becoming confused when Syr warned him to not attempt to enter the VIP Room again under any circumstances, then was sent back out into the main area.

After Bell left, Terry asked Syr if she knew the rules to poker, to which she revealed that "several maids" had invited her to play with them, often playing cards behind her husband's back. Ryuu realized that "the husband" she was referring to was Mia, the maids were Anya and the others, and that if they were here they would no doubt protest about being labeled as Syr's maids. Syr then requested for the game to be changed to Draw Poker, adding a rule that if someone folded they would pay twice the ante. Terry was slightly apprehensive of her request but still accepted it.

As they played, Terry became irritated by Syr's childish behavior, calling her a foolish amateur in his mind. After a while, one of the players ordered "30 year old Altena Wine", which was a code word for having a full house with three of the same card. Thinking they had won, the man asked Syr if she was going to raise, to which she did, winning the round with a four card. Syr continued to dominate round after round, causing the other players to become angrier and angrier. A little while later, Syr asked the others if they knew about a certain Goddess that was able to see the color of people's souls.

At the Hostess of Fertility, Anya, Chloe, and Lunoire wondered if Ryuu and Syr were all right, though they could imagine Syr winning against everyone. Anya noted that she had lost count of how many times she had been forced to wash dishes after losing to her, to which Lunoire added that none of them had ever won against her, with Chloe adding that it was as if they were playing against a God.

At the casino, Syr continued on about the Goddess, telling everyone at the table that the Goddess was able to read people by seeing the wavering color of their soul. She assured everyone that she didn't have such an eye but mentioned that she had learned to read people by watching them. Inside of his mind, Terry was cursing Syr over and over, worried that he was going to lose their bet. To his relief, he was dealt a four card the next round, confident that he would win against her. However, to his horror, Syr defeated everyone with a royal straight flush, causing one of the players to collapse onto the ground. As Terry confirmed with one of his bodyguards if Syr had cheated, she thanked the wildcard in her hand which happened to be a white rabbit, bringing the back of her hand to her cheek as if remembering the warmth of Bell's hand. Terry was forced to admit that he had underestimated both of them, thinking that Ryuu was the only opponent that could bother him. While he was shocked, Syr asked Ryuu if she had won, to which she confirmed that she had won indeed.

After Syr won the match, everyone in the room became silent, and she took the opportunity to confirm with Terry that he would agree to their bet. Having no choice, Terry agreed to let Anna go with them, however Ryuu stated that it wouldn't be enough, demanding that Terry release all of the women he had taken using money. Immediately, Terry became furious, asking if she was full of herself, then tried to threaten her by bringing up Santorio Vega, claiming that she shouldn't expect the Guild to protect her. She cut him off before he could finish, revealing to everyone in the room that his real name was Ted, and that he used to be the bookmaker of a shop that was known for illegal gambling, adding that even if the God of his Familia was gone, his status would still remain. She took out a small vial of Status Thief from her pocket with the intention of revealing his status if necessary.

Hearing her accusation, Terry put on a brave face, though Ryuu could clearly see that he was agitated. He accused her of slander, threatening to have her killed, causing her to take Syr's stole and wrap it around her face reminiscent of a mask. This led him to recognize her as the adventurer from the Astraea Familia and all of the color drained from his face. Seeing that he had recognized her, she told him she had two reasons why she had ignored his actions, the first being that she no longer had the right to claim justice, and secondly he had prostrated himself in front of Astraea and apologized once before. Now clearly agitated, he tried to have the bodyguards in the room kill her, though they proved to be no match before her, forcing him to order his personal bodyguards, Rollo and Faust, to kill her. As they moved from behind Terry to fight her, Ryuu ordered Syr and Anna to stay back.

As the fight began, both bodyguards equipped their weapons, twin knives and black fist weapons, with Terry revealing their aliases as Black Cat and Black Fist. Ryuu recognized Rollo as an assassin and Faust as a bounty hunter who were active up until five years ago. However, even with their strength, Terry wasn't sure that they would win as he knew of how terrifying the Astraea Familia could be, and ordered the servants in the room to capture Syr and Anna. While she watched the servants surround them, Syr suddenly caught the attention of all the women in the room, stating that they seemed to be strong willed people while pointing out that if Ryuu won, all of them would be free. Her remarks were the deciding factor; immediately the women began lashing out at everyone in the room, intent on gaining their freedom. Fearing for their lives, the guests started to panic, with the Chienthrope rushing to the door to call the Ganesha Familia into the room.

Seeing the guests from the VIP Room come running out, the members of the Ganesha Familia moved to intervene, but before they could several fights broke out in the main area, one between Guile and Scott, the other between Bell and Mord. After hearing Syr's request to not let anyone in, Bell had asked Mord and his companions to help him, resulting in the fake fights, which quickly escalated into full blown chaos in the main room. The guards didn't know where to begin, however Royman ordered them to restore order to the main area, and the guards decided to prioritize maintaining Orario's image rather than helping those in the VIP Room.

While the servants had their hands full with the out of control women, Ryuu continued her fight against Rollo and Faust, who she quickly realized were fakes despite them being Level 3, explaining that the real Rollo and Faust were both individualists and would never work together. Quickly dispatching the Cat People man, Ryuu revealed that Rollo and Faust were Level 4, their "codenames" were their real names, and were both female, adding that they currently worked with her in the same pub. Around the same time, Chloe and Lunoire sneezed while working at the Hostess of Fertility. Ryuu easily finished off the Human and told him that he should be glad the real Rollo and Faust weren't there, otherwise they would've had worse injuries. Seeing his impending defeat, Terry grabbed Anna and ran off with her, causing Ryuu to order Syr to stay in the room while she chased after him.

Following his bodyguard's defeat, Ted ran away as he fast as he could while dragging Anna with him, trying his best to get away from Ryuu. Hearing her running after him from behind, his despair grew even further, forcing him to use the casino staff to try and hold her off while he headed for the door to the underground vault. As he expected, the staff couldn't stand up to the Elf's attacks, however he managed to open the door before she arrived, locking it behind him in a hurry. Claiming that she wouldn't be able to break into the vault as the walls and door were made of adamantite, he declared his victory, proceeding to try to attempt to assault Anna.

As Ryuu approached the door, she began chanting the incantation for Luminous Wind, intent on breaking down the door with her magic. Ted sensed the magic power just as he was about to touch Anna, mocking her for her foolish attempt to break down the door, but he quickly became afraid when he sensed how much magic power was behind the attack, and to his horror he saw the door get smashed in. The force from the attack was enough to send everything in the room flying with its wind pressure and partially destroy the vault. While the two began to get back up, Ryuu explained that adamantite's hardness was based on how pure it was, pointing out that the vault was made of adamantine from the upper and middle floors which was much weaker than adamantite found on the lower floors, adding that he was sold poor quality materials.

Sensing his defeat, Ted tried to take Anna as a hostage once again, though unfortunately for him Ryuu reached her first. Looking down at the frightened Dwarf, Ryuu gave him time to clench his teeth while she put on a dress glove, then punched his face, sending him flying into a mountain of gold. Leaving her glove behind with the unconscious Ted, Ryuu decided to leave his fate to the Ganesha Familia, as he would be interrogated once the other women testified against him. Anna thanked her for her help, with Syr arriving at the scene moments later, but before they could leave, Ted, who had regained consciousness, threatened Ryuu by telling her that he ordered his subordinates to tell everyone that she was in Orario, which would make those who hated her start looking for her. Before Ryuu could do anything, Syr bent down and whispered something into his ear, immediately making him lose all color from his face and slump down onto the floor. When Ryuu asked her what she told him, Syr revealed that she told him the name of Mia's Familia, which was the Freya Familia.

Once the three exited through the back door, they were surrounded by the Ganesha Familia, however before they could do anything Shakti arrived, ordering the others to take care of the casino while she would stay behind to confront the intruder. Upon seeing that the intruder was Ryuu, Shakti could guess what happened, as she was one of the few people who knew that she was still in the city, her thoughts confirmed when she saw Anna. Complaining that the time she spent on planning arrest plans was wasted, she agreed to look the other way, and as they passed Ryuu handed her the vial of Status Thief. Reaching the back alley safely, the two left Anna with a carriage driver that they had ordered to take the girl to her mother. Before she left, Anna, who had fallen in love with the cross dressed Ryuu, confessed her love for her, forcing Ryuu to reject her by revealing she was a woman.

After she left, Ryuu parted ways with Syr, who claimed that she needed to retrieve her usual clothes, and spent her time watching the entrance to the casino area, where a crowd had already gathered. She watched as Bell, along with Mord and his companions, were kicked out of the casino area, with Mord demanding an apology from him. Meeting eyes with her, Bell quickly made his way over to her after checking whether anyone was watching. A short while later, Syr joined them, who told Ryuu that it couldn't be helped that other women fell in love with her as she was cool, causing her to ask Bell if she was unlike a woman. She tried to take back what she said, however he began complimenting her before she could, commenting that he wished he could one day see her in a dress, adding that her beauty made him imagine it. Hearing his words, she wondered if he always talked like that to women, prompting him to explain that his grandfather had instructed him to compliment women when they felt down, and proceeded to talk himself into a corner when he mentioned that he only said what he truly believed. Smiling from his words, she invited him to train with him in the mornings whenever he could make it, an offer he accepted.

Early the next morning, Syr, Anya, Chloe, and Lunoire discussed the aftermath of Ryuu's rampage the previous night. Following Ted's arrest, Santorio Vega had replaced him with an official owner, as the real Terry Cervantes had apparently died before reaching Orario in an accident, which Ted took advantage of to take over the Grand Casino using his connections. He had also bribed inspectors from the city and got rid of people who knew about the real Terry Cervantes by having his bodyguards kill them. Hearing about their fakes, Chloe commented that she was disappointed she couldn't meet them, claiming that she would've tortured them and taken money for their use of their names, earning her an insult from Lunoire, causing the two to glare at each other. Ignoring them, Anya asked Syr about the Claes Family, but before she could answer, the other Cat People at the Hostess of Fertility reported that Ryuu had accidentally knocked Bell out. The girls left for the inner garden to check up on Bell, leading Mia to yell at them for skipping work.

Later on, the man that had originally told the others about Ryuu's assistance met the same person at a bar. After hearing of the other man's experience, the man revealed that Ryuu had saved his daughter, and right after Anna arrived at the bar to drag her father back home.

There is a Pub of Fertility ~Girl meets Girls~Edit

At a pub, Lunoire was briefed on the latest job brought to her, which was to assassinate the now wanted Ryuu. The Human, a member of the Bruno Trading Company, feared that their connection to Evilus would be exposed and therefore wanted the Elf dead. Elsewhere, a Dwarf informed Chloe of the exact same job, and she agreed to take it as long as the 80,000,000 valis bounty was split 7 to 3. Both girls were starting to get tired of their jobs, nevertheless they agreed to it as it would be their final job before they retired.

After finishing her revenge, Ryuu wandered into an abandoned alleyway, expecting to die their unbeknownst to everyone. To her surprise, she was found by Syr, and was taken to the Hostess of Fertility, where she was unconscious for three days. When she awoke, she noticed the other girl, and demanded to know why she saved her, to which she answered that she couldn't leave her out there in the rain. Soon after, Mia appeared, mentioning that she knew the Elf was Ryuu Lion. Hearing this, Ryuu asked if Mia was going to hand her over to the Guild, but was shocked to hear that Mia wasn't going to bother with something troublesome as that.

The two began to argue, with Ryuu mentioning that she had no reason to live anymore, though at that point her stomach sounded, causing Mia to order her to eat something. She initially refused, prompting Mia to grab her by the head, telling her to just go along with it. Having no other choice, Ryuu obediently got dressed and ate the food given to her. After she ate, Mia ordered her to pay 50,000,000 valis for everything that they did for her, fully knowing that she couldn't pay that sum. She then forced Ryuu to work at the Hostess of Fertility to pay her back, making her realize that Mia and Syr had worked together to force her to live.

Several days later, in her room at the apartment next to the wall in north west Orario, Lunoire went over the information about Ryuu, noticing that the Guild had purposely withheld information as their last act of mercy as the Astraea Familia had helped the Guild again and again. In the next room over, Chloe was also going over the same information, and was impressed at how strong the Astraea Familia and Ryuu were, though this made her complain about how hard it would be to kill her. Eventually, both girls decided to leave for the Hostess of Fertility. Unfortunately, they left their rooms at the same time, causing them meet each other for the first time. Nevertheless, both girls decided to ignore each other after insulting the other in their mind, and left for the same destination.

Ryuu was shocked at her own appearance, as not only was she wearing the cute Hostess of Fertility uniform but her hair had been dyed light green. Despite her best efforts, she kept on failing the tasks given to her during training, causing her to become depressed, nonetheless she told herself that she was nervous in the face of a new experience. Lunoire, who had gone to the store disguised as a customer, was shocked that Ryuu was working as a waitress. She asked Anya if Ryuu was new, to which the Cat People girl answered that Ryuu was so new that she still needed to be taught everything, however Lunoire pointed out in her mind that Anya herself had made a mistake with her order. As she continued to observe Ryuu, Lunoire wondered what to think of the Elf.

Around the back, Chloe had also come to spy on Ryuu, though unlike Lunoire, she was disguised as a postman. Like the girl, she was shocked that Ryuu was working as a waitress, and asked Syr about her. She continued to spy a little longer but decided to leave after Syr became suspicious of her. As she left, she noted that the chefs moved quietly as if skilled, and wondered if the Hostess of Fertility was a dangerous place. Regardless, she quickly dismissed the idea as absurd.

Several more days later, on their way back from shopping, Anya was busy complaining to Ryuu about work. The girl then noted that Ryuu always seemed to have a stern expression, prompting Ryuu to apologize for making the girl worry about her, nevertheless Anya asked why they needed to do such a thing, telling her that she should get depressed and recover on her own just like everyone else at the pub did. Hearing this, the Elf asked Anya about her own experience, causing her to be startled and become restless, eventually making her change the topic by making an excuse to leave. She felt bad for making her remember something she probably didn't want to. As she moved on to washing the dishes, Syr joined her, and upon hearing about her failures, she shared some of her own experiences to her. Ryuu couldn't understand why Syr cared about her at all, making the girl lead her to a place she wanted to show the Elf.

The two arrived at one of the many abandoned churches in Orario and climbed into its roof. While there, Syr mentioned that Orario had become a better place as of late, adding that it was because of Ryuu's Familia and the other Familia. Ryuu protested her words, stating that she had killed people because of a personal grudge, however Syr simply mentioned that people were saying that they wished to be reborn in Orario again, and pointed out that a bard was singing songs of praise to heroes. She continued by thanking her on behalf of everyone in the city, causing Ryuu to realize what she wanted to do with her life for now. The two soon returned back to the pub, where they discovered that Anya and the others had been skipping out on work because of them, and upon seeing that Ryuu's expression had changed, Anya attempted to shake hands with the Elf again, only for her to swat it away again out of habit. Ryuu felt bad but was surprised to see flames of resolve around the Cat People girl. Anya's resolve was further increased by Syr showing off that she could touch Ryuu, and Mia, who had let them interact for a while, eventually yelled at them to get back to work.

Over the course of several days, Lunoire had begun noticing that Ryuu's expression had gotten softer, making her reflect over her past. While she was doing so, Demeter spotted her, inviting her to their Familia home to update her status. After updating her status, Demeter asked her to stay for dinner, which Lunoire was reluctant to, but gave in, accepting some snacks from the Goddess for the time being. The topic shifted to Lunoire's work, with the Goddess suggesting that she help with the Familia's work after she finished her last job, prompting Lunoire to reveal that her work involved beating people to death, and so she didn't think it was appropriate for her to make food that others would eat with her bloodstained hands. She then decided to forget about dinner, and mentioned on the way out that she would prefer to hang out with idiots like herself rather than the Demeter Familia.

That night, just as Lunoire had noticed during the late afternoon, Chloe also noticed that Ryuu had changed, making her reflect over her past as well. As she was doing so, she noticed that she had wandered into south western Orario. Noticing that Njord was there, she forced him to take her to a high class pub in the business quarter to get her status updated. While there, the God complained about her attitude, nevertheless there was nothing he could do as Chloe knew about his dealings with Barca, and so he obediently updated her status. Like Demeter and Lunoire, the topic shifted to her work, with Njord suggesting that she come work with the Familia. However, she refused, stating that a former cat assassin reforming because of fish would make her look like a fool, and the fact that she didn't understand what friends and companions were. Nevertheless, she mentioned that she would enjoy the company of people that she could fight and kill around with to their heart's content but still joke around with.

Sometime later, Lunoire met with the Human at the usual pub, who demanded to know why she hadn't gone through with her job already. She informed him that she would quit her work after this job and asked for them not to get her involved with anything more. When the man asked if she really thought she could return to an honest life, she answered that she needed to start somewhere, adding that she would kill Ryuu the next night. Elsewhere, the Dwarf met with Chloe, informing her of Lunoire's intention of killing the Elf. Chloe told him not to worry and decided to go through with the job the same night.

The next morning, Ryuu, concerned about the gazes she'd been feeling lately, went to Mia's room to quit her job in order to protect the others, but was surprised to find Syr there, especially since she didn't live with the other employees. Mia knew why Ryuu was there but told her not to worry about it, telling her to take care of it on her own. She then added that she would close shop starting late afternoon as she needed to explain who Ryuu was to the people that were overprotective about Syr. That night, Anya and the others celebrated their time off from work, starting a party in the Hostess of Fertility annex, eventually becoming drunk and falling asleep. Ryuu didn't know what to do and simply covered them with blankets before returning to her room.

Soon after, she realized that someone was trying to force her to sleep with Sleeping Incense, but didn't find anyone in the hallway. Chloe dropped down on her from the ceiling, though Ryuu managed to avoid the attack, nonetheless she was cut by Chloe's weapon and was poisoned by the Poison Vermis' Venom that was coated on it. However, before they could continue, Lunoire punched through the wall next to them, destroying an entire section of the hallway. Chloe retreated to the roof of a building nearby, intent on letting Ryuu and Lunoire fight it out until she would be able to kill both of them easily, yet she was surprised to hear Anya's voice coming from behind her. At first, the girl complained that she woke up to the sound of fighting and that she had drunk too much, then changed to a serious expression when she asked Chloe if she was Ryuu's enemy.

Annoyed by the interruption, Chloe planned to distract Anya with smokescreen and Pheles Cruz while she stabbed her, though her plans were foiled when Anya dispelled the smokescreen with a swing of her covered weapon. Anya followed up with another swing of her weapon, hitting Chloe in the shoulder and sending her flying down into the inner garden of the Hostess of Fertility near where Ryuu and Lunoire were fighting. As the force of the attack had removed her hood, Anya noticed for the first time that Chloe was a Cat People just like her, and suggested for her to talk normally instead of trying to sound cool, causing the two to argue for a short while. Eventually, Anya removed the damaged covering from her weapon, revealing it to be a spear with a gold design. Chloe recalled that in the Freya Familia, there was a Cat People adventurer known as the fastest that wielded a silver spear, and the adventurer in question had a sister that wielded a gold spear, though the sister had disappeared for some reason, causing her to realize that Anya was the sister and called her Vana Alfi. Anya became saddened for a moment upon hearing that alias but immediately recovered, telling Chloe that she would defeat her quickly and go help Ryuu.

In order to wrap up her fight with Lunoire, Ryuu began concurrent chanting, then casted Luminous Wind at close range so she wouldn't be able to escape. Anya and Chloe were also caught up in the resulting blast that blew the girls away. As they were about to continue their battle, they noticed that they were surrounded by members of the Bruno Trading Company, including the Human and Dwarf that had hired Chloe and Lunoire, who revealed that they had planned to get rid of all three of them from the beginning, and since the girls had been unable to kill each other, they were there to finish the job. Unfortunately for them, they severely underestimated the girls, and were easily defeated by them. Their joy was short lived as Mia returned soon after to see the mess they'd made, with things becoming worse when Syr reported that the Cat People chefs had drunk themselves to sleep on the pub's alcohol. Anya tried to reason with her, nevertheless she was knocked out with a single punch, and the enraged Dwarf proceeded to punish everyone else that was involved.

Three days later, Ryuu, Chloe, and Lunoire were still working to repair the damage they caused to the Hostess of Fertility during the battle, the latter two having been forced to join after Mia billed each of them for 100,000,000 valis, while the Cat People chefs were forced to do three times their usual work. Both girls complained that it was a scam but there was nothing they could do. Despite this, Mia had personally destroyed the rest of the Bruno Trading Company and the Familia that was behind them, making sure to threaten them not to tell or else she would bury them, then handed them over to the Guild. During breakfast, Demeter and Njord came to see Chloe and Lunoire, congratulating them on finding a job at the Hostess of Fertility.

After breakfast, Mia gathered all of the employees, as three new girls had joined, informing them that she was the law and hostess of the pub, and that she wouldn't let even the Gods find fault with anything. She added that she was their mother, and they were her daughters, ordering them to refer to her as such. She finished by mentioning that everything in the Hostess of Fertility was hers, therefore she wouldn't forgive anyone that tried to cause problems. Following their meeting, the waitresses greeted the customers coming to the Hostess of Fertility.

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