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Finn Deimne (フィン・ディムナ) is the captain of the Loki Familia.


Finn has medium length scruffy blonde hair and blue eyes with a fair skin tone. He has a small body, but is still strong. Finn has the appearance of a child despite being over 40 years old. He wears a yellow vest over a purple long-sleeved shirt and trousers.


Finn has a sharp mind, being able to memorize complex things, judge correctly, and take action without hesitation. Although he usually chooses to always take the safest option, he doesn't doubt to launch into combat and take risks if necessary, showing a confident character of himself as well as of his allies.

He cares for the members of his Familia and has great appreciation and affection for them, keeping track of each one's progress and expressing deep sadness for the loss of those who died. Likewise, he seeks to care for and protect the lower-ranking members while helping them become stronger.

He tends to approach people in general in a very respectful and diplomatic way, whether in a casual interaction or if they are in a business or strategic meeting, and sometimes he treats them in a more friendly and casual way if they are old acquaintances.

In addition to that, he is helpful and willing to lend a hand to others if they need help, which he demonstrated by saving, healing, and having Bell's group as guests at his camp after their arrival to the 18th Floor.

Even so, he has a more aggressive and hostile side, which he shows when his loved ones are attacked or in the presence of a serious threat.

Finn has also shown a firm confidence in the skill of fellow first-class adventurers from both his own Familia and other Familias, some of the greatest examples being Bete's when he went after Valletta and Allen's and Ottar's in the final battle in Knossos, in addition to recognizing others when they perform amazing feats, exhibit great skills or perform displays of great courage, as was the case with Bell in his fight against the Minotaur of the 9th Floor.

As the leader of his faction, he stands firm and never hesitates to take command of a battle or participate in one himself. Living up to his alias, he is a brave and steel-minded person who does not give up or succumb to adversity no matter how desperate the situation may be.

Finn is also very eloquent and quite skilled with words, which combined with his cunning makes him a magnificent speaker capable of restoring the morale of others with his speeches either through motivational phrases or sarcastic taunts and mocks. Due to this and his character he serves as a pillar of support as well as a source of inspiration and courage for his Familia and his allies, motivating them to keep fighting and not give up even if they had lost hope only moments before.

Although he always seeks the best result, he doesn't fool himself and recognizes when a cause is lost or a sacrifice must make for a greater good, as he demonstrated in the war against Evilus by going after the tops of the organization and desisted from going to the 27th Floor to save those who were there despite having deduced what was going to happen. Likewise, despite his friendly and charitable attitude, he refuses to participate in conflicts of other Familias to avoid problems for his own.

He is a determined and persevering person as he has not wavered or doubted his goal of becoming the light of the Pallums throughout his career as an adventurer. Nor has he ever ceased to look for ways to increase his alredy monumentual and reknown reputation, shown an enormous ambition of fame in order to fulfill his purpose. This could well be said to be his most important trait, since it is because of this ambition of his that he has progressed and endured so much at the same time that he accumulated such fame and reputation as he has today.

Aware that this is a vital piece of his goal, he concentrated on preserving the image that he had painstakingly managed to create. Even when he learned that the Xenos were beings similar in mind and soul to people, he remained determined to kill them and preferred to hide the secret from his Familia because he did not want to help them or ally with them because of the rejection that exists towards monsters and how that would affect him.

During this incident, reflecting on his actions, he came to the conclusion that he was an "artificial hero", since he had gained his status solely on the basis of targeted movements and was only acting in order to improve his position rather than to truly do a heroic act. In turn, this caused him to develop a respect for Bell for being a "true hero" by acting based on what he genuinely thought was the right thing to do no matter how it would affect him. Despite this, unwilling to throw away his goal and his efforts until then, he remained determined to carry out the extermination of the intelligent monsters.

However, after witnessing Bell's acts to save the Xenos and his battle with Asterius he changed his resolve, aiming to surpass Fianna instead of becoming her. With his new perspective, he ended his battle with the Xenos and chose to cooperate with them. His approach to confrontations also changed, as he devised a plan to get everyone out alive in the first attack on Knossos rather than choosing to sacrifice a few to retain Revis.

As part of his efforts to restore his race, he wishes to have a Pallum descendant who inherits his purpose and will, so he seeks a Pallum wife who represents the same values ​​of bravery as he does to give him a child. Likewise, due to his goal, he rejoices at the idea that other Pallums also succeed and rise among the ranks of the adventurers, being happy for Lili's level up and secretly giving a special material for the manufacture of her new crossbow.


Finn was born in a village located in a mountainous area and had bad memories of his life ever since he was born. The Pallum race believed in the Goddess Fianna, who was actually a group of knights who had been deified. When they realized that Fianna did not exist, the Pallum race fell into decline, losing any motiviation and subduing thmselves to other races.

Due to this he hated his parents and other Pallums as he wondered why they didn't try to use their intellect rather than submit to people who were stronger than them. Unlike them, he began to gather knowledge, secretly reading books at the village chief's house, and when he was caught, he was described to be like a sage. When he was ten years old, monsters attacked his village in the middle of the night, causing him to try to help the village, though he would have died if his parents hadn't protected him with their lives.

Despite this, the other Pallum abandoned them, making him see despair through them. Nevertheless, he also saw courage through his parent's actions. After the other villagers arrived to get rid of the monsters, he ran off to cry, coming back the next morning to bury his parents himself. By that time, he had a firm resolve to become the Pallum's light and renamed himself Finn, his thumb beginning to tingle in the process.

After joining Loki's Familia, and recruiting Riveria and Gareth, Finn came to Orario to bring hope and pride to the Pallums currently in the world and those who would be born in the future by becoming one of Orario's strongest adventurers. Thanks to his combat ability, he grew remarkably as an adventurer under his mentors tutelage, leveling up several times at an accelerated rate. He reached Level 6 seven years ago after defeating Valletta and the remaining forces of the Apate and Alecto Familias during the Great Feud.


Skilled Fighter: Before obtaining his falna, Finn trained for four years under a trainee monk in a remote location deep in the mountains, becoming adept at meele combat. He often takes advantage of his small frame along with his great dexterity to deftly evade the attacks of his opponents while studying them for an opening and delivering precise attacks with his spear. Though he fights mainly with a single spear he possess great skill at dual wielding too.

Although he often uses spears, he has also shown himself to be an expert at swordsmanship, employing Desperate efficiently. Likewise, he was shown to be dexterous with knives in his battle with Revis. His fighting style was described as beautiful by Loki and even Ais is often amazed at his fighting prowess.

In addition to that, he is very skilled in teamwork with the other members of his Familia, managing to momentarily retain Revis along with Riveria and Gareth, despite her overall power being Level 7 tier.

Great Strategist and Leader: Finn is recognized as Orario's best strategist, acting as the general commander every time an alliance between multiple Familias is made and managing to command multiple battlefields at the same time. He possess a great adaptative as well as quick decision making ability, being able to modify and adapt his strategies in the face of sudden changes in the battlefield or new pieces of information.

Similarly, he has a very good memory, being able to memorize large amounts of complex information, which gives him an advantage in battle and on his expeditions to the dungeon. An example of this is how he can safely and effectively navigate the Deep Floors of the dungeon without the need for a map due to having memorized their entire structure.

He is quite intelligent and has great deduction skills, being able to completely figure out his opponents' strategies using just assumptions based on limited information. He has been shown to outthink even other good strategists, such as Valletta, Thanatos, and Fels.

Intuition: Finn has a pretty good intuition which manifests as his thumb throbbing. It warns him about imminent threats, with the pain increasing in proportion to the level of the threat, allowing him to prepare countermeasures against them. Although most of the time it just warns him about threats, it also helps him for other things, such as when it helped him decide which Familia to join. According to Loki, his intuition surpasses even the Gods.

Enhanced Vision: As a Pallum, Finn has an eyesight far better than most people, allowing him to even see in the dark.


Hell Finegas (ヘル・フィネガス): Hell Finegas massively strengthens all of Finn's abilities at the cost of proper judgment due to a heavy increase in the desire to battle. As a high Level 5, his magic boost was powerful enough to grant him the power of a Level 6.

Tir na Nog (ティル・ナ・ノーグ): Tir na Nog is a throwing magic. It adds Finn's levels and all ability totals to his magic power during use. It can only be used once every 24 hours.


Pallum Spirit (小人真諦(パルゥム・スピリット)): Pallum Spirit boosts the effects of magic and skills in the face of adversity.

Noble Brave (勇猛勇心(ノーブル・ブレイブ)): Noble Brave provides high resistance against mental attacks.

Dia Fianna (騎心一槍(ディア・フィアナ)): Dia Fianna enables Finn to temporarily be able to use the development ability Spearman when he is wielding a spear. The effects are dependent on his level.

Command Howl (指揮戦声(コマンド・ハウル)): Command Howl expands transmission functions when Finn's shouts go over a certain point. During a melee, the increase in expansion changes in proportion to the scale of the battle.

Ail mac Midna (軍長勲章(アル・マクミーナ)): Ail mac Midna provides high resistance against drowsiness, increases Finn's ability to stay awake, and increases endurance against the fire element.

Development Abilities[]

Hunter (狩人): Hunter improves Finn's abilities against monsters he's fought before and gained excelia from.

Abnormal Resistance (耐異常): Abnormal Resistance negates the effect of abnormalities such as poison.

Magic Resistance (魔防)

Initiative (先制)

Chain Attack (連攻)

Spearman (槍士): Finn can only use Spearman through Dia Fianna when he is wielding a spear. The effects are dependent on his level.


Finn Deimne Artwork.jpg

Fortia Spear (フォルティア・スピア): Fortia Spear is a custom order spear with a golden tip. It is a first class weapon that symbolizes bravery. It was crafted by the Goibniu Familia for 130,000,000 valis. It boasts a sturdy handle made of oathtree walnut and a golden spearhead made of amalgamated heroic alloy and dir adamanite. All components excluding dir adamanite are rare materials from the Elanwood, the supposed birthplace of the fictitious goddess Phiana and her knighthood.

Spear Rolan (スピア・ローラン): Spear Rolan is a spear with the Durandal attribute created by Tsubaki Collbrande from Hephaestus Familia. Its current worth is 100,000,000 valis.


  • Finn is based on the hero Fionn mac Cumhaill from Irish mythology.
  • Finn isn't his original name. The word itself means light in the Pallum language.