Freya (フレイヤ) is the head of the Freya Familia. She can disguise as a human girl named Syr Flova (シル・フローヴァ), who is a waitress at the Hostess of Fertility, due to her deal with Helun.


Freya has a beauty that is superior and outstanding even among the gods. She has long silver hair, silver eyes (purple in the anime), and white skin like that of fresh snow. She has a perfect golden ratio, enough to think that the golden ratio originated from her. Her clothes are in large part black and red, they expose most of her stomach and breasts. She also wears two flowerlike ornaments in her hair.

As Syr, she has bluish gray hair that she keeps tied with a small knot in a ponytail style. Her eyes are the same color as her hair and she has a light peachy colored smooth skin. She wears a white blouse and a leaf-colored knee-length long skirt. She also wears a slightly long half apron around her waist. She wears a pair of brown boots over black stockings.


Freya is flirtatious, loves to tease, and has an unending appetite for talented adventurers. She seeks the best and most talented adventurers and will obtain them no matter the cost. She holds an obsession over Bell Cranel and actively does anything in her power to see him grow as an adventurer. Freya doesn't like to be bound by anyone, though she doesn't wish to become an arrogant ruler either.

She is very impatient, as she constantly interferes with Bell's activities knowing it might kill him but wanting to see him grow as fast as possible, but at the same time, she is just as willing to help Bell to see him grow, such as when she gave up a grimoire just to speed up his progress. Freya is intrigued by his resistance to being charmed, making her want him even more. She doesn't take kindly to others trying to claim what she wants, as she invaded and ruthlessly destroyed the Entertainment District with her Familia when Ishtar tried to claim Bell and ended up sending her back to heaven. She said that she won't let any woman other than herself have him. She was also shown to show a little jealousy when Bell trained with Ais the first time and when Bell and Ais danced at Apollo's Banquet.

Despite her usual straightforward method of acquiring those she takes a fancy to, Freya has decided to watch over Bell instead, stating that she could claim him whenever she wanted. Usually, she stays in her room in Babel, not making public appearances, but has recently started to come out to gather information about Bell or see him in person at the God's Banquets and Denatuses.

As Syr, she shows a cheerful and kind demeanor, normally as she is lightly mischievous, and at times, scary. She enjoys teasing Bell and others close to her, but is weak to getting teased herself, which usually ends up with her blushing beet red. She is kind, but tends to take advantage of others, usually to raise her family business, or avoid getting in trouble.

She sometimes takes days off to care for the children at Maria's Orphanage in the Daedalus Street.


Years ago, Freya met a girl named Syr, to who she asked what did she wanted. After the girl replied that she wanted to be like her, Freya offered her to make a deal. Due to it, Freya obtained her name and the ability to transform into her, while in exchange the girl obtained the name Helun and a magic that allowed her to transform into Freya.


Discerning Eye (洞察眼): Freya has the innate ability to see the color and brilliance of souls. She often used this ability while in heaven to claim those she took a liking to before anyone else. Through her ability, the color of Bell's soul is transparent, while Ais' soul is gold. She is also able to use this to vaguely estimate the statuses of adventurers by looking at them.

The ability also makes her skilled at manipulating people through acting and bluffs, such as when she beat a group of skilled con artists teaming up against her at poker. Because of this, Anya and Chloe gave her the nickname "witch".

Charm (魅了): As a Goddess of Beauty, Freya is able to charm both Gods and children with her beauty, with only Bell being able to resist it due to his skill Liaris Freese. In addition, she can even overwrite the charms of other Goddesses of Beauty, such as when she charmed Tammuz Belili, who had already been charmed by Ishtar.


  • Freya is based off the Norse Goddess of the same name.
  • Syr is one of Freya's aliases in Norse mythology.


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