The Freya Familia (フレイヤ・ファミリア) is currently the strongest Familia in Orario led by Freya.


Freya Familia Emblem

The Freya Familia Emblem

Freya lives apart from her Familia at the top of Babel. The Freya Familia home is known as Folkvangr (戦いの野(フォールクヴァング)), and is located around the center of the business area. Folkvangr is a huge mansion that has a solemn structure similar to a temple. It covers a large area and is surrounded by four large walls, and has a garden large enough for all Familia members to assemble in. The sight of it displays the Freya Familia's wealth, power, and honor.

The Freya Familia home is located on the opposite side of Orario from the Loki Familia home, and they have over 100 members, who train daily by seriously fighting each other in the familia home's garden. They are generally feared as the most powerful familia in Orario, having the only level 7 adventurer, Ottar, as a member. The Freya Familia emblem is a profile of a Valkyrie.


Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
OttarBoazAdventurer/Freya's aideCaptain/Executive7Active
Allen FromelCat PeopleAdventurerVice-Captain/Executive6Active
Hogni RagnarDark ElfAdventurerExecutive6Active
Hedin SellandElfAdventurerExecutive6Active
Grer GulliverPallumAdventurerExecutive5Active
Alfrigg GulliverPallumAdventurerExecutive5Active
Dvalinn GulliverPallumAdventurerExecutive5Active
Berling GulliverPallumAdventurerExecutive5Active
Mia GrandDwarfProprietressCaptain (former)6Partially Left Familia
Tammuz BeliliHumanUnknownNone4Active
Anya FromelCat PeopleWaitressUnknown4Partially left Famillia


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