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Ganesha (ガネーシャ) is the head of the Ganesha Familia.


Ganesha is a muscular man that wears a red and yellow elephant mask over his face. He wears an orange sash that goes over his right shoulder and wraps around his waist. A gold rimmed leather plate sits on his stomach, holding the garb together. He also sports white pants with dark brown under the knee boots - also with gold accents. Ganesha has Gold jewelry to further cement the image of "show boat". His jewelry can be seen as a thick gold necklace and arm bands. He also wears gold rimmed gauntlets. The God of the Masses has long, shaggy, ash-brown hair.


Ganesha appears to be very flamboyant, speaking in a loud voice and making poses. He even spent practically all of the Familia's money in making the Ganesha Familia home into huge shape of himself, also naming it after himself. When protecting the citizens, reputation and position means nothing to him; he will even get Gods and Goddesses involved, if he so desires. Ganesha also has a habit of repeatedly mentioning his name, such as "I am Ganesha".

However, when the situation demands it, Ganesha has shown himself capable of adopting a more serious attitude and expressing concern for the well-being of others.


  • Ganesha is named after the Hindu God of the same name.
  • Ganesha's mask is reference to the Hindu God he's named after being described as having an elephant head.
  • Ganesha is said to be the only God who hosts celebrations at home instead of at the guild.