The Ganesha Familia (ガネーシャ・ファミリア) is a large Familia led by Ganesha.


Ganesha Familia Emblem

The Ganesha Familia Emblem

The Ganesha Familia has many skilled tamers that participate in the Monster Feria held every year. Monsters from the dungeon are considered to be hard to tame though the Ganesha Familia tamers have been known to be able to tame them. Ganesha is one of the few people that know about the Xenos and works with Ouranos to get the people used to monsters by holding the Monster Feria each year.

The Ganesha Familia emblem is the head of an elephant on a shield. Their home is known as the I am Ganesha (アイアム・ガネーシャ), and is a giant statue of Ganesha himself, with the entrance located at its crotch. The familia is the largest of all those in Orario and also has the most first class adventurers with a total of eleven Level 5s.


Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Shakti VarmaHumanAdventurerCaptain5Active
Hashana DorliaHumanAdventurerNone4Deceased
Ibri AchaaHumanAdventurerNoneUnknownActive
Ilta FarnaAmazonessAdventurerNone5Active


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