Gareth Landrock (ガレス・ランドロック) is a first class adventurer and a top executive of the Loki Familia.


Gareth has brown eyes and long brown hair along with facial hair of the same color that is long enough to form a beard. He wears a battle cloth and boots, adding a horned helmet and armor onto it when he ventures into the dungeon.


Gareth is a good natured and kind person, acting as a father figure to members like Bete.


Before Gareth joined the Loki Familia, he worked as a miner, working in various mines located in his homeland. He was known for going on business trips to dangerous volcanoes, finding several deposits of silver, and helping with work on an underground tunnel.



Earth Raid (アースレイド): Earth Raid enables Gareth to destroy the ground. Its strength is affected by his strength stat and it can only be cast when he is on the ground.


Dvergr Enhance (力精豪拳(ドヴェルグ・エンハンス)): Dvergr Enhance raises Gareth's strength stat by a large amount.

Ardigalea (地剛兜(アルディーガレア)): Ardigalea raises Gareth's endurance stat by a large amount and raises endurance against attack magic

Development AbilitiesEdit

Fist Strike (拳打)

Magic Resistance (魔防)

Abnormal Resistance (耐異常): Abnormal Resistance negates the effect of abnormalities such as poison.

Crush (破砕)

Strong Defense (堅守)


  • Gareth has a personal smith contract with Tsubaki Collbrande and isn't allowed to use any equipment other than her creations by her order.


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