HEY WORLD is a special story included in the DanMachi BD Volume 2 booklet.

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One night, Hestia came down from the heavens after sealing away her Arcanum. She spotted the Babel in the distance and asked a trader to take her to Orario. Once she arrived, she went through the admittance process at the gate and entered the city.

As she looked around for Hephaestus' place, she met Loki. Immediately, both sides were in a foul mood and began arguing between each other. Loki mocked Hestia and told her that someone like her wouldn't be able to be successful. While they argued, Lefiya interrupted them and wondered who Hestia was. Loki told her that she didn't need to greet a useless Goddess like her and instead should call her "dochibi". Hestia noticed Lefiya and the others behind Loki and realized that they were Loki's Familia members. Loki revealed that her Familia was one of the strongest in Orario, something which Hestia refused to believe. The two fought for a while before Loki mocked her and left.

Later, Hestia complained about what happened with Loki to Hephaestus. Hephaestus agreed to take care of Hestia until she was able to manage things on her own. At that moment Tsubaki arrived, mentioning that she bought too much at a stall. Hestia wondered what it was and Tsubaki told her that it was food known as Jagamarukun. She ended up staying for three months at the Hephaestus Familia home doing nothing, and one day Hephaestus finally kicked her out.

Hestia, annoyed, decided to obtain a home and a Familia to get back at Hephaestus. She tried recruiting an Elf into the Hestia Familia but was rejected after she failed to give any information about her Familia. She ended up spending the night outside and went begging to Hephaestus the following morning. Hephaestus didn't really know what to do and ultimately ended up giving Hestia an old church to stay in, a job, and money.

Three months later, Hestia still hadn't recruited anyone into the Hestia Familia. After failing for the fiftieth time that day to recruit someone, she saw a Human and decided to follow him around. She watched as he was rejected by multiple Familias. Hestia noted that the Human seemed to be lonely just like her and decided to call out to him, not knowing that it would be the start of everything to come.

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