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Hedin Selland (ヘディン・セルランド) is an executive of the Freya Familia. Before this, he was the king of the White Elves on the Hyazning island.


Hedin has white, almost translucent skin, golden hair that falls down his back and coral eyes. He wears a black battle garment along with a white cape and a white belt, both of which have gold trim, and wears glasses. He is quite handsome and even Gods admire him for it.


Hedin is a calm individual with an analytical nature. He always thinks before acting and often has to regulate the other executives. He hates having to act as the voice of reason and classifies his teammates as fools for constantly jumping into action instead of thinking ahead.

However, there are also situations where he would still prefer to follow his impulses, admitting that he would have liked to face Ottar rather than allow him to go face Udaeus.

Hedin is extremely loyal to Freya and is willing to carry out any order. Because he wants Freya's love only for himself, he is hostile towards the other members of his Familia, whom he sees as an obstacle and with whom he maintains a bad relationship of mutual hatred. He is also jealous of Bell because of the attention he receives from her. Despite being loyal to Freya, he is still courteous to Riveria. He takes his assignments very seriously, and goes to great length to ensure he achieves the best results.

Since Freya desires powerful warriors, Hedin ambitions to become the most powerful of her Familia. Consequently, he sees Ottar as a target to overcome and looks for ways to become even stronger.

Hedin seems to take some pleasure in confronting skilled warriors and take pride in his abilities. After witnessing the display of Hogni's prowess in a clash between their kingdoms, the Dark Elf ended up being the only other existence he recognized apart from his own, wishing to face him in battle and defeat him.

He hates incompetence and those who don't make an effort to improve. Likewise, he holds in esteem those who possess ability and strive to improve and surpass themselves.

Beneath his composed facade, Hedin hides a much more aggressive side. He detests vile acts as well as offenses to his Goddess. Intolerant of such acts, he shows no mercy in dealing with the perpetrators and tends to explode against them, launching a torrent of curses at them. His way of speaking also changes, adopting a more rude pronoun in nature.

As an Elf, he has great pride, which he showed when he refused to leave his kingdom because it would leave a stain on his record even though he was fed up with being its king. Likewise, he is a severe instructor. After putting him under his tutelage, he forced Bell to keep awake several nights, pressuring him to study relentlessly, and insulting him every time he made a mistake in addition to hitting or kicking him multiple times.


Hedin used to reign over the White Elves as a clever and tyrant king. Tired of it, one day he met Freya, who said she would free him. Some time later, a battle was fought between his people and the Black Elves, which ended both kingdoms.

During the battle he was able to face Hogni and, after three days of fighting, Freya appeared before them. After discovering that she had caused the destruction of their kingdoms to free them, both of them decided to go with her.

After becoming an adventurer, he began to stand out within Freya Familia by leveling up several times at an accelerated rate. He reached Level 6 seven years ago after defeating the Apate and Alecto Familias alongside Hogni and the Gulliver Brothers during the Great Feud.


Skilled Fighter: Hogni was a prodigious fighter who had great talent for battle. Thanks to the incessant warfare on his home island, he was able to fully develop his potential, becoming powerful enough to be comparable to a person with falna despite not having one.

Subsequently, his prowess allowed him to quickly level up and become a magnificent adventurer. He is also recognized as a proficient fighter by Hogni, who considers him his rival.

Commander: Hedin is a skilled commander thanks to his intelligence and analytical nature. During his time as king he led his kingdom multiple times in battle, gaining victory on several occasions. Even in his current role as executive of the Freya Familia he is usually the one in charge of organizing a strategy and the members of his Familia when an operation is performed.

Concurrent Chanting (並行詠唱): A high level technique involving casting magic while fighting or moving around. Its difficulty is likened to dealing with a bomb with both hands while fighting due to the chance of failing a chant or not being able to control their own magic power.

Magic Swordsman (魔法剣士): Hedin is a combatant capable of fighting both as a member of the vanguard and as a mage, using his ability with concurrent chanting to wield his weapon and magic with great skill in battle.

He possesses an incredibly precise control of magic power which is considered the best in the city. In his confrontation with the forces of Warusa he was able to decimate thousands of soldiers in quick succession with his magic without missing a shot. Along with Hogni, they are known as the most brutal magical swordsmen.


Caelus Hildr  (カウルス・ヒルド): Caelus Hildr is a super short chant magic that sends several powerful orbs of lightning over a wide range down his enemies from above.

Varian Hildr (勇壮なる哀れな不死兵(ヴァリアン・ヒルド)): Varian Hildr is a super short chant lightning element magic.

Development Abilities[]

Mage (魔導): Mage improves the power of Hedin's magic, widens effect range, and makes mind usage efficient. It also creates a colored magic circle under him when he uses magic.


Dizaria (ディザリア): Dizaria is a double edged rhomphaia that's taller than Hedin. It is a first class weapon whose upper half can be used as a magic staff oftenly used by elves to channel their magic power and the bottom half is a long blade that Hedin uses in physical combat.


  • Hedin, written as Hedinn in Norse mythology, is named after the prince who kidnapped Hildr, the daughter of Hogni. His alias is based off of Hildr's name.
  • Hedin has a bit of Dark Elf blood due to being a descendant of Hildr, who was a Dark Elf.