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Syr (シル), currently known as Horn (ヘルン), is a member of the Freya Familia.


Horn has grey hair. Her eye color was originally black, but when she received Freya's blessing and her magic "Vana Seith" her right eye's color changed to silver when you look at it from certain angles and gray in other angles.


Horn is extremely loyal to Freya. She has a great hatred towards Bell because he has changed Freya. However, she loves him too, having fallen in love with him because she saw and felt what Freya did when she was with him because of her magic.


When she was a child, Syr was an orphan. One day she met Freya, who told her that she would save her and asked her if she had a wish. After saying she wanted to be like her, Freya offered her a deal.

In exchange for giving her name, she received the name Horn and a magic that allowed her to become Freya, acting as her replacement every time she left under the identity of Syr.



Vana Seith (唯一の秘宝(ヴァナ・セイズ)): Vana Seith is a transformation magic that allows Horn to become Freya. When transformed, Freya and Horn both share each other's senses and are able to feel each other's emotions and hear each other's thoughts. However, the transformation does not allow Horn to use Freya's arcanum. The magic also allows her to transform into Freya's alternative identity, Syr Flova.


  • Horn, written as Hörn, is one of Freya's names in Norse mythology.