Hyakinthos Clio (ヒュアキントス・クリオ) is a former member and captain of the Apollo Familia.


Hyakinthos is described to be a beautiful young man with brown hair and bluish gray eyes. He usually wears the Apollo Familia uniform along with a white cloak.


Hyakinthos is prideful and looked down on Bell Cranel when they first met, angry that someone like him was receiving Apollo's attention. He is also very loyal to Apollo, leaving the city along with him when he was exiled despite the Guild's protests.



Aro Zephyros (アロ・ゼフュロス): Aro Zephyros is a fire element homing magic. It creates a disc of flame the size of a human torso that spins at a rapid speed which can easily overpower Bell's Firebolt. Once released, the magical energy won't disperse until it hits the target. The magic can also explode based on Hyakinthos' chant.

Development AbilitiesEdit

Hunter (狩人): Hunter improves Hyakinthos' abilities against monsters he's fought before and gained excelia from.

Abnormal Resistance (耐異常): Abnormal Resistance negates the effect of abnormalities such as poison.


Sun's Flamberge (太陽のフランベルジュ): Sun's Flamberge is a flamberge that shines like prominence. Only Hyakinthos was allowed to wield it.

Short Sword of Intimacy (連理の短剣)


  • Hyakinthos's first name is derived from the lover of Apollo in Greek mythology, Hyacinthus, who was turned into a hyacinth flower when he died.
  • Hyakinthos's magic, Aro Zephyros, is a reference to the death of the mythological Hyacinthus, who died when the god of the West Wind, Zephyrus, killed him out of jealousy with Apollo's discus while the two were throwing discuses together.


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