Ikelos Familia
 Japanese イケロス・ファミリア
 Romaji Ikerosu Famiria
 God Ikelos
 Captain Dix Perdix
 Type Exploration
 Rank B

The Ikelos Familia (イケロス・ファミリア) was an Exploration type Familia led by Ikelos that was also known to do black market dealings. The Familia was destroyed following the incident with the Xenos and Ikelos was exiled from Orario.


The Ikelos Familia dealt in black market trading of Xenos captured in the dungeon. They were formerly known to be an exploration type Familia until they reached the deep floors, at which point they seemed to disappear.


The statuses listed below are the statuses the Familia members had when the Familia was disbanded and not their current status.

Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Dix PerdixHumanAdventurer/Black Market TraderCaptain5Deceased
GranHumanAdventurer/Black Market TraderNone4Deceased
BaloyHumanAdventurer/Black Market TraderNoneUnknownDeceased


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