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Ishtar (イシュタル) is the former head of the Ishtar Familia.


Ishtar has brown skin and is well endowed. She wears revealing attire similar to that of Amazonesses, consisting of a single red-orange piece of cloth around her neck that barely covers her breasts and a matching pareo around her waist that reaches down to her ankles. Also, like all Amazons, she always goes barefoot.

For jewelry, she wears golden bracelets, anklets and necklaces, along with a tiara at the top of her head, with several jewels in the center.


Ishtar is quite prideful and believes herself to be the most beautiful woman. Due to it, and others constant claims of Freya's superiority over her, she saw Freya as her rival and was jealous of her in extreme, constantly plotting to dethrone her and replace her at the top of Orario. Despite this she showed to be a very composed, mature, and calm individual, opting to wait and elaborate a plan in order to defeat Freya and take her place.

She is a very cold-hearted individual who seems to don't care of others, kidnapping Bell to use him against Freya and willing to use the Loki Familia to test the Power Bull Demi Spirit's abilities even though she didn't hold any grudge against them. She could also be very cruel if anyone interfered in her plans, even if said person was from her own familia, severily punishing Aisha for destroying her Killing Stone and later charming her to take away her free will.

As a Goddess, she doesn't see prostitution as impure due to her view of sex as a sacred act which allows fertility to prospere and a way for women to become a pillar of stability by controlling men's aggressiveness.

Ishtar was quite self-confident, estimating her own chances of success highly and dismissing obstacles in her path. She constantly sticked to her plan since she didn't like to take risks, but was willing to diverge from it if it didn't represent a problem. Though she remained calm most of the time, she was shocked when she was caught off guard or things didn't go as she planned, finally losing completely her temper after realizing Freya had completely cornered her.


Charm (魅了): As a Goddess of Beauty, Ishtar is able to charm both Gods and children with her beauty. The only child her charm did not affect was Bell due to his skill Liaris Freese.