The Ishtar Familia (イシュタル・ファミリア) was an exploration and brothel type Familia led by Ishtar until they were destroyed by the Freya Familia's invasion.


Ishtar Familia Emblem

The Ishtar Familia Emblem

Entertainment District

The Ishtar Familia was one of the most powerful familias in Orario and also specialized in running brothels, with many different types from various cultures around the world. Most of the members were Amazonesses and 90 percent of all members were female. The Amazoness combatants were known as Berbera, and there were over 100 of them with most of them at Level 3. Their income amounted to more than 40 percent of the Entertainment District's total income.

Their home was known as the Belit Babili (女主の神娼殿(ベーレト・バビリ), lit. “Godly Brothel of the Mistress”), which was comprised of several buildings, and their emblem was a prostitute.


The statuses listed below are the statuses the Familia members had when the Familia was disbanded and not their current status.

Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Phryne JamilAmazonessAdventurer/ProstituteCaptain5Active
Tammuz BeliliHumanIshtar's AideVice-Captain4Active
Aisha BelkaAmazonessBerberaExecutive3Active
Lena TallyAmazonessBerberaNone2Active
Sanjouno HaruhimeRenardSupporter/ProstituteNone1Active
LisciaBeast HumanBerberaNoneUnknownActive


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