Kashima Ouka (カシマ・桜花) is a member and captain of the Takemikazuchi Familia.


Ouka is a tall, lightly tanned male with a tough build. He has black hair and eyes, wearing a lavender, red, gold and black Kamishimo top along with brown pants tucked underneath long white bandages in black boots. His armor consists simply of matching colored lower arm guards, often accompanied by his weapon, a doubled ended spear.


Ouka is a strong and respected member of his familia. Being the leader, he often decides the course of action for his Familia members during dungeon trips. He is capable of instructing his companions and making harsh decisions in desperate situations. Despite his decisions, he shows deep care for his Familia due to them knowing each other from when they were children.

Ouka is also headstrong and unafraid to express his thoughts to others, believing that he made the right decision in doing a Pass Parade. However, he later made up for it when he decided that he didn't want to be a man who was all talk.



Kougou (皇剛): Kougou is an order made battleax forged by Welf. It is made from a high quality mineral from the lower floors known as Valmarth, which he received from Hephaestus as homework and as a gift. Despite receiving the materials for free, Welf charged Ouka 700,000 valis for it after discounts.


  • Ouka's surname, Kashima, may be based on the name of a shrine dedicated to the worship of the Shinto deity Takemikazuchi.


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