Larfal Ljos Alf (ラーファル・リヨス・アールヴ) is the current High Elf king and Riveria Ljos Alf's father.


Larfal has jade eyes and long hair of the same color that he has tied together. He wears a gold circlet on his head and although he has some wrinkles, he is still considered to be handsome.


Larfal hates the Gods, considering them to be depraved beings that loved amusement, and kept to Alf's Royal Forest to be an idol of worship for the Elves so they wouldn't be corrupted by the Gods. He originally protested his daughter's decision to leave the forest, though he later gave in. He himself once had such desires but wasn't able to overcome his duties as a member of the royal family, and because of this, he was timid and afraid of being left behind by the proud wills of those that departed to the outside world, causing him to try to keep Riveria in the forest.


  • Larfal's surname Alf means progenitor of the Elves.
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