Lili uses a 20 cm dagger issued by the Guild to new adventurers which she uses to carve the magic stones out of the dead monsters.

Little BallistaEdit

Little Ballista

Little Ballista

Little Ballista (リトル・バリスタ) is a crossbow that was created by the Goibniu Familia specifically for Pallums. The selling point is that it has high destructive power despite its small size. By allowing manual loading, it can easily fire out continuously, only that the range is slightly short. With the arrows are sold separately, it can change the destructive power and flight distance.


Supporter GloveEdit

The Supporter Glove (サポーター・グローブ) is a pair of gloves designed to handle the monster’s corpse. Throwaway after use. It protects the skin against corrosion from strong acids while removing Magic Stones. There is also resistance to abnormal effects. Many different colors are available. Lili’s favorite color is brown.

Goliath RobeEdit

The Goliath Robe (ゴライアスのローブ) is a cloak made from the hide of the Black Goliath the Hestia Familia defeated on the 18th Floor. It can block physical and magical attacks but can't block shockwaves. Later on, part of it is cut off by Welf and Cassandra and made into Bell's Goliath Muffler.



Magic SwordEdit

Lili originally owned a magic sword that she kept on her for emergencies. It was later stolen by Ged, who unwillingly handed it over to Canoe after he was threatened with death, and shattered when the latter tried to use it to protect himself from the Minotaur trained by Ottar.