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Loki (ロキ) is the head of the Loki Familia.


Loki is a Goddess with light red hair and red eyes. She is well-known to dress up in tomboyish or male attire, mainly jeans and a shirt that shows off her stomach. She tends to tie her hair back in a simple pony-tail, though on occasion she will put it up in a stylish bun.


Loki acts in a very tomboyish manner. She very much enjoys living up to her nickname, trickster, and shows a lustful side toward females, namely Ais Wallenstein. She also has a breast complex and tends to get into fights with Hestia over breast size. Furthermore, she has a weakness for drinking, especially Soma, and as such can be manipulated by others who offer it to her. Despite her drinking too much and perverted antics, she is very sharp intellectually, making critical observations and deducing complex matters.