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The Loki Familia (ロキ・ファミリア) is an exploration type Familia that is led by Loki.


The Loki Familia is one of the most prominent factions in Orario and they act together with the Freya Familia as their main figures. They are often recognized as one of the most powerful familias in the city, second only to their rivals, the Freya Familia.

The familia specializes in teamwork, allowing them to exploit their individual abilities to the fullest. Thanks to their vast strength, their members are able to experience a stable and complete growth, as high members often help the others to become stronger. However, despite their remarkable coordination as a group, the familia suffers from a common weakness in their method, which is that, if they are separated, their combat capacity is reduced. Lower-ranking members also tend to rely on the executives and, while they receive their support, there is a large gap in power and skill between the executives and the rest of the members.

As a faction focused on dungeon exploration, the Loki Familia regularly goes on expeditions. They recently became the record holders for going the deepest out of all the current factions, having reached the 59th Floor. On the other hand, they maintain relationships with several other familias and often accept quests on their expeditions.

Due to Loki's womanizing nature, all of the women in the Familia are extremely beautiful and the proportion of women far exceeds that of men.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of Riveria's Alf Regina skill, Loki created an unit composed only of Elves with Riveria in the center. The squad is made up of eleven Elves, who are all mages or magic swordsmen that have mastered concurrent chanting and trained to fight in high-speed combat, being able to skillfully use short chants. Even within the Loki Familia itself, its members stand out for their great ability as they are all Level 3 or higher.

The group is unofficially known as Fairy Force (妖精部隊(フェアリー・フォース)), as although Loki tried to give it said name, Riveria rejected it due to not liking decorations. However, the name was liked by the members of the group, who refer to themselves with it in secret. Among those who make it up are Lefiya, Alicia and Sonia.

Twilight Manor.png

The Loki Familia home is known as the Twilight Manor (黄昏(たそがれ)(やかた)). The Twilight Manor is described to be huge structure built on a small area of land. Multiple tall towers overlap and support each other, with the middle tower being the tallest. The home is also described as being carved out from flames.


Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Loki God God God None Active
Finn Deimne Pallum Adventurer Top Executive/Captain 6 Active
Riveria Ljos Alf High Elf Adventurer Top Executive/Vice-Captain 6 Active
Gareth Landrock Dwarf Adventurer Top Executive 6 Active
Ais Wallenstein Human Adventurer Executive 6 Active
Tione Hiryute Amazoness Adventurer Executive 6 Active
Tiona Hiryute Amazoness Adventurer Executive 6 Active
Bete Loga Werewolf Adventurer Executive 6 Active
Lefiya Viridis Elf Adventurer Unknown 4 Active
Raul Nord Human Adventurer None 4 Active
Anakitty Autumn Cat People Adventurer None 4 Active
Alicia Forestlight Elf Adventurer None 4 Active
Narvi Roll Human Adventurer None 4 Active
Cruz Bussell Chienthrope Adventurer None 4 Active
Rakta Hume Bunny Adventurer None 3 Active
Line Arshe Human Supporter/Healer None 2 Deceased
Elfy Colette Human Adventurer None Unknown Active
Orba Beast Human Supporter None 3 Active
Lox Unknown Unknown None Unknown Active
Cynthia Unknown Unknown None Unknown Active
Arcs Human Unknown None Unknown Active
Lloyd Unknown Unknown None Unknown Deceased
Claire Unknown Unknown None Unknown Deceased
Anju Unknown Unknown None Unknown Deceased
Liza Unknown Unknown None Unknown Deceased
Kalos Unknown Unknown None Unknown Deceased
Remilia Unknown Unknown None Unknown Deceased
Kevin Unknown Adventurer None Unknown Unknown
Morel Unknown Adventurer None 2 Active
Carmilia Unknown Unknown None Unknown Active
Sharon Unknown Unknown None 3-4 Active
Sonia Elf Unknown None 3-4 Active
Noir Human Adventurer None 4 Deceased
Dain Dwarf Adventurer None 4 Deceased
Bara Amazoness Adventurer None 4 Deceased


See the Loki Familia's Progression.


The Loki Familia emblem is the image of a trickster. The symbol used on the falna is a variation of the emblem.