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Lunoire Faust (ルノア・ファウスト) is a waitress at the Hostess of Fertility and a former bounty hunter known as Faust (ファウスト) as a member of the Demeter Familia.


Lunoire has brown eyes and medium length brown hair. She usually wears the Hostess of Fertility uniform. As a Bounty Hunter, she wore a short top, a scarf, and short pants.


Lunoire has a straightforward and caring personality, as shown when she tried to distance herself from her own Familia in order to protect them. She once considered finding a husband that didn't need to be cool as long as he would care for her and let her laze around in a small house.


Lunoire was born to parents that lived in a territory of the empire. However, her parents soon died because of a war, and she was forced to live her life as one of the street children. After living for some time in harsh conditions, she heard about the falna and joined a Familia, but later began traveling on her own a while later once her Goddess was forced back to heaven. After a while, she arrived at Orario nine years before the story and failed her first mission of killing the Gulliver Brothers, barely escaping with her life, and began refusing jobs to kill first class adventurers. Eventually, after failing to kill a wanted Ryuu, she joined the Hostess of Fertility.


Development Abilities[]

Fist Strike (拳打)

Crush (破砕)

Fist Fighter (拳士)


  • Anya and Lunoire's surnames are missing in the anime credits. This is fixed in the BD version.
  • Despite being born in different places, Chloe and Lunoire are similar in a variety of different ways.
    • Both lost their family members to violence.
    • Both never felt what it was like to have an actual family and had no friends.
    • Both arrived at Orario around the same time and failed their first mission.
    • They lived next to each other in the same apartment complex on the same floor.
    • Both have no intention of actually living with their Familia even after retiring.