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Magic (魔法) is the main form of combat utilized by mages and by those who have manifested it in their falna.


Magic is considered to be a strong power. There are two different types of magic; congenital magic, magic based on one's own ability and race, and acquired magic, magic based on the falna given by the Gods and Goddesses. Most magic require a specific chant to activate, with the exception of no chant magic like Firebolt, and the longer the chant the stronger the magic is. When the user becomes unable to control the magic power when using magic, an Ignis Fatuus (魔法暴発(イグニス・ファトゥス)) occurs, causing it to explode and damage the user. Magic uses mind to cast, and overuse can cause an individual to faint, a condition known as Mind Down (精神疲弊(マインドダウン)) or Mind Zero (精神枯渇(マインド・ゼロ)).

People naturally have between one to three slots for magic and can normally only learn one magic per slot, however most people tend to never have any magic appear. For people with one or two slots, the number can be increased via the usage of a grimoire, but the absolute maximum is 3, even with a grimoire. Apart from that, the development ability Mage can strengthen the power, the length of time, the amount of targets, and the effect area of magic. Also, those that have it gain a magic circle when they cast magic.

It is also possible to use magic without a falna, though it requires the user to undergo training and rituals and use a long chant systematized during the ancient times. The magic used by the Elves in Alf's Royal Forest have more than twelve verses. Magic used without a falna is weak compared to magic used with one, making it impractical against the latter, and it has a higher chance of an Ignis Fatuus. There are also certain monsters that are able to use magic in the form of breath attacks; examples of this are Hellhounds' fire breath, the Black Goliath's howl, and Valgang Dragons' fire breath.

Certain people are able to use concurrent chanting (並行詠唱), a high level technique involving casting magic while fighting or moving around. Its difficulty is likened to dealing with a bomb with both hands while fighting due to the chance of failing a chant or not being able to control their own magic power. Skill at using concurrent chanting depends on how much experience the user has with it, as Lefiya observed that Ryuu was far more skilled at it than Riveria. Currently, only Riveria, Filvis, Lefiya, Ryuu, Aisha, Fels, Alicia, Mikoto, Hedin, Hogni, and Alfia have been shown to be able to use it.

Riveria has a special technique known as chant connection (詠唱連結), enabling her to change the strength of her magic based on the chant length and mind usage. Through this she is able to use nine magics, which is the source of her alias Nine Hell, though she is able to use them separately as well.

The Elven knights in Alf's Royal Forest use what's known as horseback chanting (馬上詠唱), leaving tracking and evading up to their horses while they chant, making it similar to concurrent chanting.


Name User Description Chant Debut
Bell Cranel No chant magic that can be used quickly None (Firebolt/ファイアボルト) DanMachi Volume 02
Cinder Ella
Liliruca Arde Transformation magic that enables the user to transform into anything around their size 【貴方の刻印は私のもの。私の刻印は私のもの】
Your wound is mine. My wound is mine
Echoing message of midnight
DanMachi Volume 02
Welf Crozzo Anti magic fire. If timed correctly it can cause an Ignis Fatuus and cause damage 【燃えつきろ、外法の業】
Burn out, illegal work
DanMachi Volume 04
Rea Laevateinn
Riveria Ljos Alf Wide area annihilation magic. It is the second level of Riveria's attack magic Vas Windheim 【間もなく、焔は放たれる。忍び寄る戦火、免れえぬ破滅。開戦の角笛は高らかに鳴り響き、暴虐なる争乱が全てを包み込む。至れ、紅蓮の炎、無慈悲な猛火。汝は業火の化身なり。ことごとくを一掃し、大いなる戦乱に幕引きを。焼きつくせ、スルトの剣――我が名はアールヴ】
The flame will soon be released. Creeping war, unavoidable destruction. The horn of battle sounds aloud, the cruelty of conflict will envelop all. Come, crimson flames, the ruthless inferno. You are the avatar of hellfire. Sweep completely, bring a close to the great war. Burn them through, Sword of Surtr - my name is Alf
Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Ais Wallenstein Enchant type magic that can imbue things with wind. It has been mentioned as being far beyond normal enchant type magic 目覚めよ(テンペスト)
Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Fusillade Fallarica
Lefiya Viridis Fire element wide area attack magic 【誇り高き戦士よ、森の射手隊よ。押し寄せる略奪者を前に弓を取れ。同胞の声に応え、矢を番えよ。帯びよ炎、森の灯火。撃ち放て、妖精の火矢。 雨の如く降りそそぎ、蛮族どもを焼き払え】
Proud warrior, snipers of the forest. Take up your bows before the advancing plunderers. Answer the call of your brethren and ready your arrows. Tinge them with flame, the lamplight of the forest. Release them, the fire arrows of the fairies. Falling like rain, burn away the savages
Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Wynn Fimbulvetr
Riveria Ljos Alf Extreme cold magic that is said to be able to even freeze time. It is the first level of Riveria's attack magic Vas Windheim 【終末の前触れよ、白き雪よ。黄昏を前に風を巻け。閉ざされる光、凍てつく大地。吹雪け、三度の厳冬――我が名はアールヴ】
Harbinger of the end, the white snow. Blow with the wind before the twilight. Closing light, the freezing land. Blizzard, the three severe winters - my name is Alf
Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Elf Ring
Lefiya Viridis Summon burst magic that is able to use any Elf Magic. To use it, the user must know the chant and effects of the magic. It uses mind for the summon burst and for the magic summoned. If the user has the Mage development ability, the user's magic circle will change color to match the owner's magic circle color 【ウィーシェの名のもとに願う 。森の先人よ、誇り高き同胞よ。我が声に応じ草原へと来れ。繋ぐ絆、楽宴の契り。円環を廻し舞い踊れ。至れ、妖精の輪。どうか――力を貸し与えてほしい】
I wish upon the name of Wishe. Ancestors of the forest, proud brethren. Answer my call and come to the plains. Connecting bonds, the pledge of paradise. Turn the circle and dance around. Come, ring of fairies. Please - give me strength
Sword Oratoria Volume 01
Luminous Wind
Ryuu Lion Wind and light element wide area attack magic that summons green stardust to attack enemies. The stardust gathers in several orbs which the user can release all at once to cover a wide area or keep some near to apply them at a convenient moment. The user can make a single orb explode with the chant Luvia (星華(ルヴィア)) 【今は遠き森の空。無窮の夜天に鏤む無限の星々。愚かな我が声に応じ、今一度星火の加護を。汝を見捨てし者に光の慈悲を。来れ、さすらう風、流浪の旅人。空を渡り荒野を駆け、何物よりも疾く走れ。星屑の光を宿し敵を討て】
In the sky of a now distant forest. Infinite stars scattered in the endless night sky. Respond to my foolish voice, give me now divine protection of starfire. Give the mercy of light to the one that abandoned you. Come, wandering wind, the wandering traveler. Cross the sky and run through the wilderness, run faster than anything else. Imbue the light of stardust and destroy the enemy
DanMachi Volume 05
Yamato Mikoto Heavy gravity magic that crushes a given area 【掛けまくも畏き――いかなるものも打ち破る我が武神よ、尊き天よりの導きよ。卑小のこの身に巍然たる御身の神力を。救え浄化の光、破邪の刃。払え平定の太刀、征伐の霊剣。今ここに、我が命において招来する。天より降り、地を統べよ――神武闘征】
I respectfully speak to you, my War God that can break through any thing, lead me from the precious heaven. Give my petty body divine power of your grand body. Rescue them light of purification, sword of crushing evil. Sweep sword of suppression, sacred sword of conquest. It arrives here now by my order. Descend from heaven, rule the earth - shinbu tousei
DanMachi Volume 05
Arcs Ray
Lefiya Viridis Single shot magic that can track enemies. The user can make it explode without hitting its target by chanting Alio (光散(アリオ)) 【解き放つ一条の光、聖木の弓幹。汝、弓の名手なり。狙撃せよ、妖精の射手。穿て、必中の矢】
Unleashed streak of light, bow limbs of the holy tree. You are an expert of the bow. Shoot, sniper of the fairies. Penetrate, arrow of absolute accuracy
Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Veil Breath
Riveria Ljos Alf Green protection magic that raises the target's resistance against physical and magical attacks and also heals the target slightly. It is the second level of Riveria's defense magic Via Shilheim 【集え、大地の息吹――我が名はアールヴ】
Assemble, breath of the land - my name is Alf
Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Aro Zephyros
Hyakinthos Clio A magic which creates a ring of fire of the west wind and shines like the sun. It is a homing magic and can also explode based on the chant 【我が名は愛、光の寵児。我が太陽にこの身を捧ぐ。我が名は罪、風の悋気。一陣の突風をこの身に呼ぶ。放つ火輪の一投――――来れ、西方の風】
My name is love, precious child of light. I offer my body to my sun. My name is sin, jealousy of wind. I call a gust of wind to my body. Released ring of fire - come, wind of the west
DanMachi Volume 06
Noah Heal
Ryuu Lion Healing magic capable of healing wounds and restoring the target's stamina, however, it takes time to heal. The effect depends on the surrounding environment. Effect rises in forested areas 【今は遠き森の歌。懐かしき生命の調べ。汝を求めし者に、どうか癒しの慈悲を】
The song of a now distant forest. The nostalgic song of life. Please bring the mercy of healing to those that seek you
DanMachi Volume 06 Booklet
Darbh Daol
Naaza Erisuis DanMachi Volume 06 Booklet
Dio Thyrsos
Filvis Challia Super short chant type magic that creates a blast of golden lightning 【一掃せよ、破邪の聖杖】
Sweep, holy staff of crushing evil
Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Dio Grail
Filvis Challia Creates a circular barrier that shines white. It is a super short chant type magic 【盾となれ、破邪の聖杯】
Become a shield, holy grail of crushing evil
Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Riwo Flare
Meryl Tear Magic that creates flames Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Uchide no Kozuchi
Sanjouno Haruhime Level boost magic that can only be used on a single target, after which an interval occurs before it can be cast again. It cannot be used on the caster 【大きくなれ。其の力に其の器。数多の財に数多の願い。鐘の音が告げるその時まで、どうか栄華と幻想を。――大きくなれ。神撰を食らいしこの体。神に賜いしこの金光。槌へと至り土へと還り、どうか貴方へ祝福を。――大きくなぁれ】
Grow. That power and that vessel. Breadth of wealth and breadth of wishes. Until the bell tolls, bring forth glory and illusion. -Grow. Confine divine offerings within this body. This golden light bestowed from above. Into the hammer and into the ground, may it bestow good fortune upon you. -Grow
DanMachi Volume 07
Hell Kaios
Aisha Belka Magic that releases a red shockwave slash that is similar to a shark fin cutting through the water 【来れ、蛮勇の覇者。雄々しき戦士よ、たくましき豪傑よ、欲深き非道の英傑よ。女帝の帝帯が欲しくば証明せよ。我が身を満たし我が身を貫き、我が身を殺し証明せよ。飢える我が刃はヒッポリュテー】
Come, champion of the savages. Manly warrior, strong hero, greedy and unjust hero. Show your worth if you desire the girdle of the empress. Satisfy my body, penetrate my body, kill my body and prove your worth. My starving blade is Hippolyta
DanMachi Volume 07
Via Shilheim
Riveria Ljos Alf Barrier magic that completely blocks physical and magical attacks. It is the third level of Riveria's defense magic Via Shilheim 【舞い踊れ大気の精よ、光の主よ。森の守り手と契を結び、大地の歌をもって我等を包め。我等を囲え大いなる森光の障壁となって我等を守れ――我が名はアールヴ】
Dance around spirit of the atmosphere, lord of light. Contract with the guardian of the forest, and envelop us with the song of the land. Surround us become a great barrier of forest light and protect us - my name is Alf
Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Hell Finegas
Finn Deimne Massively strengthens all of the user's abilities at the cost of proper judgement due to a heavy increase in the desire to battle 【魔槍よ、血を捧げし我が額を穿て】
Magic spear, penetrate my forehead offering blood
Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Demi Spirit Super long chant magic that releases a huge firestorm reminiscent of a Flame Spirit 【火ヨ、来タレ猛ヨ猛ヨ猛ヨ炎ノ渦ヨ紅蓮ノ壁ヨ業火ノ咆哮ヨ突風ノ力ヲ借リ世界ヲ閉ザセ燃エル空燃エル大地燃エル海燃エル泉燃エル山燃エル命全テオ焦土ト変エ怒リト嘆キノ号砲ヲ我ガ愛セシ英雄ノ命ノ代償ヲ代行者ノ名二オイテ命ジル与エラレシ我ガ名ハ火精霊炎ノ化身炎ノ女王】
Arise, flames. Rage, rage, rage. Vortex of fire. The crimson wall. Hellfire's roar. May the ardor of the gale plunge the world into grief and misery. The sky shall burn. The earth shall ignite. The seas shall boil. The fonts shall churn. The mountains shall erupt. All life shall turn to ash. May the lives of the great ones serve as atonement for the coming choler and grief. Your envoy beseeches you, Salamander. Incarnate of fire. Queen of flame
Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Meteor Swarm
Demi Spirit Long chant magic that releases a rain of huge meteors. It is Earth Spirit magic 【地ヨ、唸レ――来タレ来タレ来タレ大地ノ殻ヨ黒鉄ノ宝閃ヨ星ノ鉄槌ヨ開闢ノ契約ヲモッテ反転セヨ空ヲ焼ケ地ヲ砕ケ橋ヲ架ケ天地ト為レ降リソソグ天空ノ斧破壊ノ厄災―― 代行者ノ名二オイテ命ジル与エラレシ我ガ名ハ地精霊大地ノ化身大地ノ女王】
Moan, mighty earth. Rise, rise, rise. Husk of the earth. Sheen of iron. Hammer of the cosmos. May genesis's pact upheave rock and stone. The sky shall burn. The earth shall split. The bridge shall rise. Heaven and earth shall become one. May the axes of the ether rain down and bring about calamity's ruin. Your envoy beseeches you, Gnome. Incarnate of the land. Queen of the earth
Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Thunder Ray
Demi Spirit Short chant magic that releases a strong lance of thunder. It is Thunder Spirit magic 【突キ進メ雷鳴ノ槍代行者タル我ガ名ハ雷精霊雷ノ化身雷ノ女王】
Pierce, spear of lightning. Your envoy beseeches you, Tonitrus. Incarnate of thunder. Queen of lightning
Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Icicle Edge
Demi Spirit Magic that releases a huge pillar of ice. It is Water Spirit magic 【永遠ノ凍土ノ如ク氷結セヨ数多ノ刃代行者タル我ガ名ハ水精霊水ノ化身水ノ女王】
Freeze over as though the eternal permafrost, untold blades. Your envoy beseeches you, Undine. Incarnate of water. Queen of aqua
Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Light Burst
Demi Spirit Short chant magic that releases a blast of light. It is Light Spirit magic 【閃光ヨ駆ケ抜ケヨ闇ヲ切リ裂ケ代行者タル我ガ名ハ光精霊光ノ化身光ノ女王】
Flash, rays of light. Tear through the darkness. Your envoy beseeches you, Lux. Incarnate of light. Queen of luminosity
Sword Oratoria Volume 04
List Iorum
Tione Hiryute Magic that restrains the target based on a certain chance. The probability of the magic succeeding goes up based on the user's magic stat 【心海に沈められし我が欲望、心海に育まれし我が渇望――運命は来た。形をなし、牙を剥き、王蛇となれ。海を抜け、大地を越え、世界を覆え。運命を捕え、運命を止め、運命を蹂躙せよ】
My desire that was sunk in the sea, my longing that was nurtured in the sea - the time has come. Shape yourself, bare your fangs, and become a snake. Escape the sea, cross the land, and cover the world. Capture time, stop time, and trample over time
Sword Oratoria Volume 04 (listed)
Sword Oratoria Volume 07 (actual)
Bete Loga Fire enchant magic which manifests as four flames located on each of the user's fists and feet. It absorbs magic power and damage, allowing it to pontetially grow indefinitely 【一傷、拘束。二傷、痛叫。三傷、打杭。餓えなる餓が唯一の希望。川を築き、血潮と交ざり、涙を洗え。癒せぬ傷よ、忘れるな。この怒りとこの憎悪、汝の惰弱と汝の烈火。世界を憎み、摂理を認め、涙を枯らせ。傷を牙に、慟哭を猛哮に――喪いし血肉を力に。解き放たれる縛鎖、轟く天叫。怒りの系譜よ、この身に代わり月を喰らえ、数多を飲み干せ。その炎牙をもって――平らげろ】
Chained Fros. The first wound, Gelgja. The second wound, Gjöll. The third wound, Þviti. The ravenous slaver your only hope. May it form a river, mixing in the tide of blood, to wash away your tears. Never forget those irreparable wounds. This rage and hatred, thine infirmity and incandescence. Denounce the world, acknowledge fate, and dry thy tears. May the pain become your fangs, the lament your roar—and your lost companions your strength. Free yourself of the chains that bind you, and release your mad howl. O lineage of enmity, pray use this vessel and devour the moon, drink greedily from its overflowing cup. Bare your fangs—and devour all
Sword Oratoria Volume 05 (listed)
Sword Oratoria Volume 08 (actual)
Dia Panakeia
Fels Healing magic which creates colored spheres of light that heal the target. Its effects are comparable to an elixir 【ピオスの蛇杖、ピオネの母光。治癒の権能をもって交わり、全てを癒せ】
Pius' staff, Pione's light. Intersect with the authority of healing and heal everything
DanMachi Volume 10
Dia Orpheus
Fels Resurrection magic only Fels knows. It succeeded for the first time in 800 years by reviving Wiene 【未踏の領域よ、禁忌の壁よ。今日この日、我が身は天の法典に背く――ピオスの蛇杖、サルスの杯。治癒の権能をもってしても届かざる汝の声よ――どうか待っていてほしい。王の審判、断罪の雷霆。神の摂理に逆らい焼きつくされるというのなら――自ら冥府へと赴こう。開け戒門、冥界の河を越えて。聞き入れよ、冥王よ。狂おしきこの冀求を。止まらぬ涙、散る慟哭。代償は既に支払った。光の道よ。定められた過去を生贄に、愚かな願望を照らしてほしい。嗚呼、私は振り返らない】
Unexplored area, the forbidden wall. On this day, I disobey the code of heaven - the asklepios of Pius, the chalice of Salus. Thy voice forcing the power of healing to reach out - I desire it regardless of the wait. Tribunal of the king, thunder of condemnation. If thou art burned despite the providence of God - confront your own hell. Open Kaimon, beyond the river of the underworld. Listen, dark king. Wish to cross the threshold of insanity. Stop unexpected tears, scattered lamentation. The price had been paid. Light of the road. To sacrifice given in the past, I want illumination of the foolish desire. Oh, I do not look back
DanMachi Volume 10
Kalov Argol
Asfi Al Andromeda DanMachi Volume 10 Booklet
Daphne Lauros Protection magic that raises the user’s endurance and largely raises their agility. Its effectiveness depends on the user’s magic stat 【追従せし空の太陽。全ては汝から逃れるため――咲け、月桂樹の鎧】
Follow blindly the sun in the sky. Blossom, armor of laurel, so that all will flee from thee
DanMachi Volume 10 Booklet (listed)
DanMachi Volume 14 (actual)
Cassandra Ilion An area healing spell that is able to increase its effect area based on the amount of mind the user uses 【一度は拒みし天の光。浅ましき我が身を救う慈悲の腕。届かぬ我が言の葉の代わりに、哀れな輩を救え。陽光よ、願わくば破滅を退けよ】
Heavenly light, once rejected. Merciful arms that save my shallow self. Rescue my miserable companions in place of my words that cannot reach them. Oh sunlight, may you beat back ruin
DanMachi Volume 10 Booklet (listed)
DanMachi Volume 12 Booklet (actual)
Cure Ephialtes
Cassandra Ilion Cures status ailments. It can also remove curses DanMachi Volume 10 Booklet
Bache Kalif Enchant type magic that can imbue things with deadly poison. The poison is unblockable and is stronger than a Poison Vermis' poison, which is known to be deadly. The magic covers the enchanted area in blackish purple light 【食い殺せ】
Devour them
Di Asla (Amazoness language)
Sword Oratoria Volume 06
Vas Windheim
Riveria Ljos Alf It is the third level of Riveria's attack magic Vas Windheim Sword Oratoria Volume 06
Liv Ilusio
Riveria Ljos Alf It is the first level of Riveria's defense magic Via Shilheim Sword Oratoria Volume 06
Fil Eldis
Riveria Ljos Alf It is the first level of Riveria's healing magic Van Alheim Sword Oratoria Volume 06
Luna Aldis
Riveria Ljos Alf It is the second level of Riveria's healing magic Van Alheim Sword Oratoria Volume 06
Van Alheim
Riveria Ljos Alf It is the third level of Riveria's healing magic Van Alheim Sword Oratoria Volume 06
Caelum Veil
Demi Spirit An electric element enchant magic the same as Ais' Ariel. It covers the user in electricity and can also be used to launch electricity in all directions by chanting Distel (放電(ディステル)) 【荒べ天ノ怒リヨ】
Rage, wrath of heaven
Sword Oratoria Volume 07
Earth Raid
Gareth Landrock Enables the user to destroy the ground. Its strength is affected by the user's strength stat and it can only be cast when the user is on the ground Sword Oratoria Volume 07
Feles Cruz
Chloe Rollo Creates two mirages of the user that move according to the user's will, though they are unable to attack or defend themselves 【戯れよ】
Play around
Familia Chronicle Episode Ryuu
Valletta Grede Barrier magic. The magic covers a certain area with reddish purple patterns and lowers the status of anyone that enters said area, unless the user makes them unaffected by it, in addition to reapplying the effect every time they move within the magic, though the effect seems to take longer for higher levelled opponents. It has a super long chant, is negated if the user leaves the area, and uses a large amount of mind, making it more suited as a trap. It can also cover a large area, as the barrier Valletta used had a radius of 60 meters, and is considered to be a rare magic Sword Oratoria Volume 08
Tir na Nog
Finn Deimne Throwing magic. It adds the user's levels and all ability totals to their magic power during use. It can only be used once every 24 hours Sword Oratoria Volume 08
Sanjouno Haruhime A special enchant magic that creates a maximum of nine tails on the user depending on their limit. The user adds the effects of a second magic they chant connect to each of the tails to multiply its effects, such as increasing the number of people Uchide no Kozuchi can be used on 【ココノエ。愛しき雪。愛しき深紅。愛しき白光。どうか側にいさせてほしい――二千夜の末に見つけし其の恋願。我が名は狐妖、かつての破滅。我が名は古謡、かつての想望。鳥のごとく羽ばたく御身のために、この身、九妖を宿す。響け金歌、玉藻の召詩。白面金毛、九尾の王。全てを喰らい、全てを叶えし、瑞獣の尾――】(second spell in between)【舞い踊れ】
Kokonoe. Beloved snow. Beloved crimson. Beloved white light. Please let me be beside you - this love I have found at the end of two thousand nights. My name is Magic Fox. Former destroyer. My name is Ancient Song. Former dreamer. For you who beat your wings like a bird, I shall allow the nine spirits to dwell in me. Echo, song of gold, sacred poem of Tamamo. White face, golden fur, king of nine tails. Oh, tails of the auspicious beast, consume all, grant all wishes - (second spell in between) Dance!
DanMachi Volume 12
Lumine Pleiades
Primo Libera Light element magic that creates beams of light which rain down at the target 【漆黒の天穹を渡る幻惑の星々。未熟な我が祈りを聞き届け、閃光の導きを――来たれ、落涙の光華、穢れし者共を討ち抜け!!】
Dazzling stars crossing the jet-black sky. Listen my immature prayer, guide the flash - Come, shine of tears, defeat the filthy
DanMachi Orario Rhapsodia
Gale Blast
High Elf Forest Elves
Magic developed by the Elves for use without a falna. It requires the user to undergo training and rituals and use a long chant systematized during the ancient times. It has more than twelve verses to its chant and its power is weak compared to magic used by those with a falna 【契約に応えよ、森羅の風よ。我が命に従い敵対者を薙げ!】
Plus others
Respond to the contract, wind of the forest. Follow my order and cut down my enemies
Plus others
The High Elf's Departure Part 1
Flare Burn
Riveria Ljos Alf
Magic developed by the Elves for use without a falna. It requires the user to undergo training and rituals and use a long chant systematized during the ancient times. It has more than twelve verses to its chant and its power is weak compared to magic used by those with a falna 【契約に応えよ、大地の焔よ。我が命に従い暴力を焼き払え!】
Plus others
Respond to the contract, flame of earth. Follow my order and burn the violence
Plus others
The High Elf's Departure Part 1
Agaris Alvesynth
Alise Lovell Powerful fire enchant magic that covers the user's legs and hands. It can also enchant weapons 燃え盛れ(アルガ)
DanMachi Volume 14
Dia Fratel
Airmid Teasanare Top class healing magic capable of healing anything such as wounds, stamina, status ailments, and curses in a 5 meter radius. Once cast, the magic stays behind for a certain amount of time as a barrier of light, continuously healing anything that's in its effect range 【癒しの滴、光の涙、永久の聖域。薬奏をここに。三百と六十と五の調べ。癒しの暦は万物を救う。そして至れ、破邪となれ。傷の埋葬、病の葬斂。呪いは彼方に、光の枢機へ。聖想の名をもって――私が癒す】
Healing droplets, tears of light, eternal sanctuary. Compose a medicinal hymn-three hundred, sixty, and five. The melody of the healer's almanac saves all things. Come, destruction of evil. The burial of wounds, interment of disease. Curses be gone in the light of vitality. In the name of all that is holy - I heal you
Sword Oratoria Volume 11
Hoplizon Teleios
Enoch Enchant magic that strengthens the user 【奮い立て、古の英雄】
Arise, hero of old
DanMachi Orario Rhapsodia
Therapeia Teleios
Enoch Magic that heals the user 【大地の精霊よ、大気の精よ、我を癒やす糧となれ】
Spirit of earth, spirit of the atmosphere, be nutrients to heal me
DanMachi Orario Rhapsodia
Ekrixi Teleios
Enoch Attack magic 【爆砕せよ、天空の波動】
Explode, waves of the heavens
DanMachi Orario Rhapsodia
Light Heal
Feena Magic developed by the Elves for use without a falna. It requires the user to undergo training and rituals and use a long chant systematized during the ancient times. It has more than twelve verses to its chant and its power is weak compared to magic used by those with a falna 【契約に応えよ、聖なる海よ。我が命に従い傷を癒せ!】
Plus others
Respond to the contract, holy sea. Follow my order and heal the wounds
Plus others
DanMachi ~Memoria Freese~
Wind Felicital
Ryuulu Magic developed by the Elves for use without a falna. It requires the user to undergo training and rituals and use a long chant systematized during the ancient times. It has more than twelve verses to its chant and its power is weak compared to magic used by those with a falna. Wind Felicital is an enchant that buffs the target but doesn't last long. According to Feena, is considered to be hard to achieve and she was surprised that Ryuulu was able to use it 【契約に応えよ、生命の息吹よ。我が命に従い加護を与えよ。宿れ、風の権能、颶風の王。紡がれし讃歌をここに】
Plus others
Respond to the contract, breath of life. Follow my order and provide divine protection. Take shelter, wind of power, king of the cyclone. Spin a hymn here
Plus others
DanMachi ~Memoria Freese~
Usko Nori
Uskari Allows the user to materialize a weapon by turning the wind into a sword. It can also create an explosion by chanting Tuvalo (殉光(トゥヴァロ)) 【剣となれ、忠義の心鋼】
Become a sword, devoted hearth of steel
DanMachi ~Memoria Freese~
Beltane Träumerei
Talvi A magic poison barrier to harm the Swamp King, although it also works on people. It burns the skin and eats it from the outside in, but its range is very short 【解き放て、血の縛鎖。来れ、冬の天秤。踊れ、雪の女王!我が真名に従い!戒めよ、閉ざせ!楽園の名のもとに!夢想よ――繋げ!!明日へと至りし千年氷城!】
Liberate, blood bonds. Come, winter's balance. Dance, snow queen. Obey my true name. Be warned, close away. Go back to paradise. My dream, fasten. Into tomorrow's limit, thousand year ice castle
DanMachi ~Memoria Freese~
Dark Roar
Demi Spirit Short chant magic that releases a wave of darkness. It is Darkness Spirit magic 【闇ヨ荒べ光ヲ呑ミホシ夜ノ安寧ヲ代行者タル我ガ名ハ闇精霊闇ノ化身闇ノ女王】
Run wild, darkness. Devour the light in night's peace. Your envoy beseeches you, Shade. Incarnate of darkness. Queen of shadows
Sword Oratoria Volume 12
Filvis Challia Duplication magic and as a cost to use the magic, user's status is halved while the magic is active 【終わる幻想、還る魂――引き裂けぬ貴方】
At the end of illusion, the spirit returns - forming an unbreakable bond
Sword Oratoria Volume 12
Caelus Hildr
Hedin Selland Super short chant magic that sends several powerful orbs of lightning over a wide range down enemies from above 【永争せよ、不滅の雷兵】
Fight eternally, indestructible soldiers of lightning
Familia Chronicle Episode Freya
Hogni Ragnar Short chant magic which allows the user to embody their mental image of themself. It invokes the most powerful version of the user possible, transforming them into their ideal self, though it does not raise the user's abilities 【抜き放て、魔剣の王輝。代償の理性、供物の鮮血。宴終わるその時までー殺戮せよ】
Unleash, king of the magic sword. Compensation of reason, offering of fresh blood. Until the end of the banquet - slaughter
Familia Chronicle Episode Freya
Burn Dain
Hogni Ragnar Super short chant explosion magic that sends a roar of flames from the user's arm before exploding at a close range with the power to send enemies flying 【永久に滅ぼせ、魔の剣威をもって】
By the power of the demon blade, bring eternal destruction
Familia Chronicle Episode Freya
Varian Hildr
Hedin Selland Super short chant lighting element magic 【永伐せよ、不滅の雷将】
Strike forever, indestructible general of lightning
Familia Chronicle Episode Freya
Hildis Vini
Ottar 【銀月の慈悲、黄金の原野。この身は戦の猛猪を拝命せし。駆け抜けよ、女神の神意を乗せて】
Silver moon's mercy, the golden wilderness. This body is destined for the wild boar of the war. Run through, carry the goddess' will
Familia Chronicle Episode Freya
Satanas Verion
Alfia Super short chant magic that hits enemies with blocks of sound. It can also make used magic power explode by chanting Lugio (炸響(ルギオ)) 福音(ゴスペル)
Astraea Record
Silentium Eden
Alfia Super short chant enchant magic that covers the user's body in a magic negating armor 魂の平静(アタラクシア)
Astraea Record
Genos Angelus
Alfia 【祝福の禍根、生誕の呪い。半身喰らいし我が身の原罪。硬はなく。浄化はなく。救いはなく。鳴り響く天の音色こそ私の罪。神々の喇叭、精霊の竪琴。光の旋律、すなわち罪過の格印。箱庭に愛されし我が運命よ一砕け散れ。私は貴様を憎んでいる。代償はここに。罪の証をもって方物を滅す。哭け、聖鐘楼】
Blessing of the root of evil, curse of birth. My original sin that devoured half of my body. Not hard. There is no purification. There is no salvation. The resonance of this heavenly sound is my sin. The trumpet of gods, the lyre of spirits. Melody of light, the seal of the sin. Loved by the miniature garden, my destiny is shattered. I hate you. The compensation is here. Destroy everything with a proof of my sin. Cry, holy bell tower
Astraea Record
Rea Ambrosia
Zald Magic that creates intense flames capable of covering a battlefield 【父神よ、許せ。神々の晩餐をも平らげることを。貪れ、獄炎の舌。喰らえ、灼熱の牙】
Father god, forgive me. For I am going to eat the last supper of gods. Greed, tongue of prison flame. Eat, scorching fangs
Astraea Record
Vana Seith
Horn Transformation magic that allows the user to become Freya. When transformed, the user and Freya share each other's senses and are able to feel each other's emotions and hear each other's thoughts. The transformation does not allow the user to use Freya's arcanum DanMachi Volume 16
Zeo Gullveig
Heith Velvet Powerful healing magic capable of easily restoring someone from the brink of death DanMachi Volume 17