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Melen (メレン) is a port city located near Orario.


Melen is a fishing city located three kilometers to the south west of Orario on the shores of Lolog Lake (ロログ湖), a giant brackish water lake that is connected to the sea. Known as "Orario's entrance to the sea", ships from foreign countries visit the city daily to trade goods.

The Njord Familia resides in the city and is in charge of the city's fishing district. Previously, Melen was just a fishing village until the arrival of the Poseidon Familia and the growth of Orario, after which it became the city it is today. With the Guild expanding to the city and establishing a brand in it the government of Melen was split between the Guild and the city, whose current governor is Borg Murdock.

At the bottom of Lolog Lake is the Leviathan Seal (海竜の封印(リヴァイアサン・シール)), which blocks a tunnel that leads to the Lower Floors of the dungeon that served as an exit for water monsters until the Poseidon Familia blocked it.

The seal was made from the remains of the Leviathan after the Zeus and Hera Familias defeated it 15 years ago. It is effective in warding off monsters due to the ceaseless waves of power rolling off the skeleton, similar to the black scales that the One-Eyed Black Dragon scattered around the world.