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Mia Grand (ミア・グランド) is the owner of the Hostess of Fertility, and is later revealed to be the former captain of the Freya Familia.


Mia has brown eyes and long brown hair. She wears a different colored version of the Hostess of Fertility uniform than the others.

In the past, she had a more dwarf-like stature and was cute and lovely. She was said to have a figure worthy of being called a follower of a goddess of beauty.


As the proprietress of the Hostess of Fertility, she is strict both to her employees and customers alike. She doesn't tolerate any violence within the pub or slacking off by her employees and will punish any individuals accordingly, such as when she threatened Mord.

She is strong-willed and straightforward. Despite her rough personality, she is also shown to be kind, taking in girls with histories and protecting them. In addition, she likes money, telling Bell a couple of times to spend a lot of money.

Mia believes one should be prepared for anything and be able to think in order to overcome challenges, stating that those who are unable to can't live. She doesn’t like people wasting food and can get violent whenever someone disrespects her cooking.


Decades ago, Mia joined the Freya Familia because she owed Freya a favor, eventually becoming the captain of the Familia. When Ottar joined the Familia, Freya asked her to take care of him, which she did until he took over as captain.

Sometime before Ais came to Orario, Mia partially left the Freya Familia to open the Hostess of Fertility under the condition that she allowed Freya to work as a waitress under her Syr identity. She also employed Anya there.


  • Mia's alias, Demi Ymir, is a reference to the primordial giant Ymir from Norse mythology, whose flesh and blood was said to have given birth to the race of Dwarves.