The Miach Familia (ミアハ・ファミリア) is a medicinal type Familia that is led by Miach.


Miach Familia Emblem

The Miach Familia Emblem

The Miach Familia home is known as the Blue Pharmacy ((あお)薬舗(やくほ)). The Miach Familia used to be a middle ranking Familia until Naaza was heavily wounded during an accident in the dungeon.

Everything except her right arm was saved, though she was left with a trauma of monsters. All members other than Naaza left the Familia after the Familia incurred a large debt for the prosthetic arm that Miach begged the Dian Cecht Familia to create. The Miach Familia continued to be poor until Daphne and Cassandra joined, improving the Familia's income.

The Miach Familia emblem is the body of a healthy man.


Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Naaza ErisuisChienthropePharmacistCaptain2Active
Daphne LaurosHumanAdventurerNone3Active
Cassandra IlionHumanAdventurerNone3Active


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