On the Day of Departure, On the Day of Beginnings (旅立ちの日に、始まりの日に) is a special story included in the DanMachi BD Volume 1 booklet.

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Years ago, when Bell lived with his his grandfather, he was constantly told stories of Orario. His grandfather told him that he could find anything he wanted at Orario, though he could potentially get caught up in the times, leading his grandfather to tell him to go only if he had the resolve to do so.

Several years later after his grandfather's death, Bell decided to head to Orario, asking a traveling merchant to take him along in his wagon. A while later, the two reached a hill with an excellent view of Orario, causing Bell to be so excited that he thanked the merchant and went off on his own. He eventually reached an entrance to Orario thirty minutes later and waited in line to be checked. As the Guild member checked him for a falna, the other guard remarked that Bell had a cute face, asking why he came to Orario, to which Bell answered that he was looking for an encounter in the dungeon. Hashana laughed at his answer but wished him luck.

As he walked down the Main Street, Bell spotted a large group of people, learning that the Loki Familia had come back from their latest expedition. While the man who explained it to him was surprised that he didn't know about the Loki Familia, Bell's attention was captivated by Ais Wallenstein, following her with his eyes. He later paid 2000 valis to stay three nights in an inn while he searched for a Familia to join, however he was rejected by all the Familia he visited, forcing him to pay an additional 2500 valis to stay another three nights.

After leaving the inn, he continued to search for a Familia, though like before they all rejected him. Disheartened by the results, Bell remembered the real reason why he came to Orario. As he was about to walk into an alley, a voice called out to him, and upon turning around he saw a Goddess looking at him. The Goddess introduced herself as Hestia, revealing that she was looking for people to join her Familia. Bell eagerly asked to join her Familia, leading to the formation of the Hestia Familia, and their life together began.

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