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One Love is the second of the two special stories given out to people who view DanMachi Arrow of Orion in theaters. It was later adapted in Memoria Freese.


A long time ago in heaven, as Hestia and Artemis were about to leave to take a bath, they were approached by Aphrodite who began picking a fight with Artemis. The Goddess of beauty asked Artemis if she didn't know love, stating that she was 2000% missing out in life by not knowing love, and deemed her to be "lame". Hestia attempted to stand up for Artemis, asking Aphrodite to stop picking a fight with her all the time, but Aphrodite told Hestia that she'd bully her if she tried to disobey her. As a Goddess of beauty, Aphrodite was the opposite of virgin Goddesses like Hestia and Artemis, which caused them to clash.

Aphrodite began mocking Artemis, saying that it was stupid for Artemis to be "playing hunting" with beasts, calling her a barbarian. She continued by saying that while Hestia was still loveable, Artemis and Athena were on the path to being failures as women due to being "impregnable virgins", and claimed they were cringy Goddesses that were mistaking virginity as something sacred, labbeling them as "unpopular Goddesses" instead of "virgin Goddesses". Artemis, who'd been silent and emotionless the entire time, didn't understand what Aphrodite was saying but knew that she'd been insulted, causing her to grab her bow and aim it point blank at Aphrodite.

Fearing for her life, Aphrodite used her arcanum to teleport, however it proved to be no use as Artemis' arrow still pierced her butt because Artemis never missed. Although Aphrodite constantly picked a fight with the virgin Goddesses, she was always defeated, and if Aphrodite was involved Athena would help Artemis even though the two Goddesses weren't particularly friendly with each other. After being defeated, Aphrodite would usually go crying to Hera, though Hera would simply laugh at her misfortune.

As Hestia and Artemis were about to leave for a second time, Aphrodite warped back over to them, stating that she was saying these out of kindness, adding that she definitely wasn't doing this because she heard some Gods mention that they preferred Artemis over her. Continuing on, she stated that chastity and purity were a selfish excuse to remain clean, and were an excuse used by women who didn't have the resolve to get dirty, stating that Artemis was definitely missing out because she hadn't experienced love.

A long time later, Artemis recalled what Aphrodite said during target practice, causing her to miss the target. Lante, who'd been practicing with her, noted that it was the first time she'd seen Artemis miss, prompting the Goddess to mention that she'd let herself get distracted. Trying again, she hit the target dead center.

In a mountain forest in a remote land, the Artemis Familia was fighting Wyverns. Upon hearing a report that a Wyvern was coming from the west, Artemis took Lante and several others with her, leaving Rethusa behind to command the remaining forces. Despite this, Artemis left her group behind and defeated the Wyvern and most of a group of Grey Wolves by herself before Lante caught up, causing Lante to worry about her Goddess. After the battle, the familia members split up to gather magic stones and drop items from the defeated monsters which was their source of income. As the familia spent most of the year living in the forest, they spent the money on buying and repairing weapons, and also donated to villages that'd been attacked by monsters. Artemis tried to help with the gathering process but the familia members told her to rest instead.

Once they finished, the group returned to the village of Preblica, the city that had requested for them to get rid of the Wyverns that had appeared. Wyverns normally didn't live in the area, and Artemis mentioned that these Wyverns had come from the Valley of Dragons, noting that more monsters had been appearing from there as of late. While her familia members exchanged the drop items for money, Artemis, Rethusa, and Lante were waiting at the center of the village when a man confessed to Artemis, though she rejected him. Normally, things would end there, however that day Aphrodite also happened to be in Preblica along with her familia, and she called out to Artemis after seeing her reject the man.

When Artemis asked why she was there, Aphrodite told her that she'd heard about a virgin Goddess that hadn't learned her lesson and was still playing hunting in the middle of nowhere, and claimed that she happened to be nearby. Artemis asked if she'd come to see her, which Aphrodite fiercely denied. Shifting her attention to the man, she pitied him while mocking Artemis, and a smile was enough for him to become red faced and fall for her. Her smile also affected those around them, however Rethusa and Lante managed to withstand it. With just a smile, without using her charm, Aphrodite had turned the whole incident into a farce.

Artemis protested her actions, prompting Aphrodite to mention that she was "just playing around a little" and released everyone. She then asked Artemis what she'd be okay with, to which Artemis answered that she'd be fine with nonphysical desires. When asked if she hated men, she answered that she didn't, adding that she respected skilled hunters and those that taught chastity. Upon hearing her answer, Aphrodite stated that Artemis was contradicting herself, pointing out that the man hadn't asked for a physical relationship, and added that Artemis had already made her decision before the man had said anything.

Aphrodite continued by stating that Artemis was being manipulated by the word "chastity", pointing out that Hestia would wholeheartedly express her love if she found someone even though she was a virgin Goddess, which was why Aphrodite considered her to still be lovable. Finally, Aphrodite deemed Artemis as "immature" and "a child". When Artemis mentioned that she had to protect her chastity as a virgin Goddess, Aphrodite pointed out that she could still "fall in love" with someone, and Aphrodite had a transparent Goddess smile instead of her usual triumphant expression. Nevertheless she soon reverted back to her usual self when she told Artemis that she'd teach her the difference between "love" and "falling in love" if she prostrated herself and begged Aphrodite to teach her. In response, Artemis gathered her familia members and left, prompting Aphrodite to beg her to come back and listen.

A week later at night, Rethusa reported to Artemis at the Artemis Familia camp that they had finished killing all of the Wyverns. Rethusa continued her report, informing Artemis that when they visited the village the other day, Lante had talked with a man that was passing by and said things she'd hesistate to repeat. Lante tried to explain, mentioning that she'd only picked up an apple he'd dropped, but also mentioned that she only thought that he was tall and that it was fate when their fingers touched. Rethusa had a grim look on her face, nevertheless Artemis told everyone that she wouldn't try to prevent them from loving someone but they'd have to leave if they wanted a spouse.

Everyone was silent for a while until Lante asked why Artemis disliked and avoided love between a man and a woman. Artemis answered that it was because she presided over chastity, prompting Lante to tell her that she should fall in love, and began talking about being in love, causing the others to begin talking about love as well. Seeing this, Artemis turned to Rethusa and asked her if she agreed, then wondered if an unchanging Goddess like her could change. She then told everyone that they should sleep since they needed to head to their next job request which was at the Elsos Ruins.

After Bell defeated Antares, Artemis cried and smiled in the pillar of light. Her tears were a promise 10,000 years from now, and Bell was the first time she'd fallen in love. As she disappeared, she agreed that love was a wonderous thing like her familia members had told her, and thanked Aphrodite for her words as she finally understood them. Elsewhere, Aphrodite cried and sobbed as she watched Artemis go back to heaven, calling her an idiot.