Aerial View of Orario

Orario, also known as Labyrinth City Orario (迷宮都市オラリオ), is the only city in the world that has a dungeon.


The characters listed below are either not a part of any Familia or are members of an unknown Familia.

Name Race Occupation Level Status
OuranosGodGuild FounderNoneActive
FelsUnknownOuranos' Aide4Active
Royman MardeelElfGuild HeadNoneActive
Eina TulleHalf ElfGuild EmployeeNoneActive
Misha FlottHumanGuild EmployeeNoneActive
RehmerChienthropeGuild EmployeeNoneActive
Rose FannettWerewolfGuild EmployeeNoneActive
SophieElfGuild EmployeeNoneActive
Mia GrandDwarfHostess of Fertility Employee6Active
Syr FlovaHumanHostess of Fertility EmployeeNoneActive
Ryuu LionElfHostess of Fertility Employee4Active
Anya FromelCat PeopleHostess of Fertility Employee4Active
Chloe RolloCat PeopleHostess of Fertility Employee4Active
Lunoire FaustHumanHostess of Fertility Employee4Active
MayCat PeopleHostess of Fertility EmployeeUnknownActive
Ged RaishHumanAdventurerUnknownDeceased
Mord LatroHumanAdventurer2Active
Scott OldsHumanAdventurer2Active
Guile IndiaHumanAdventurer2Active
Bom CornwallSpiritShopkeeperNoneActive
Dormul BolsterDwarfAdventurer3Active
Luvis LilixElfAdventurer3Active
Maria MartelHumanOrphanage CaretakerNoneActive
RouxHalf ElfNoneNoneActive
Maris HackardHumanAdventurerUnknownDeceased
Erika RosariaHumanAdventurer2Active
Huey ClaesHumanMagic Stone ManufacturerNoneActive
Karen ClaesHumanShop EmployeeNoneActive
Anna ClaesHumanFlower Shop EmployeeNoneActive
TedDwarfCon Artist/Casino OwnerNoneImprisoned
Luan EspelPallumPallum's Hidden Tavern Employee1Active


Starting from the top right, Orario is separated into eight sections.

Orario Map
Number Name Image Details Debut
1 Babel Babel The 50 floor tower that acts as a lid to the dungeon DanMachi Volume 1
2 Abandoned Church DanMachi Episode 5 The former Hestia Familia home. It was destroyed by the Apollo Familia DanMachi Volume 1
3 Hostess of Fertility Hostess of Fertility A pub owned by Mia Grand DanMachi Volume 1
4 Guild Guild Anime The main Guild building is located here DanMachi Volume 1
5 Hephaestus Familia North West Shop Hephaestus Familia Store The site where Hestia did her dogeza DanMachi Volume 1
6 Colosseum Colosseum The colosseum used by the Ganesha Familia during Monster Feria DanMachi Volume 1
7 Daedalus Street Daedaelus Street An area said to be the second labyrinth DanMachi Volume 1
8 Amor Square Amor Square A square decorates with colorful tiles and a garden. It also features a statue of a Goddess DanMachi Volume 2
9 Blue Pharmacy The Miach Familia home DanMachi Volume 2
10 Bell and Ais' training location Orario Wall Place where Ais trained Bell DanMachi Volume 3
11 Jagamarukun Stall Jagamarukun Stall Hestia's workplace DanMachi Volume 3
12 Hephaestus Familia Workplaces Hephaestus Familia Forges Hephaestus Familia forges DanMachi Volume 4
13 Twilight Manor Twilight Manor The Loki Familia home DanMachi Volume 6
Sword Oratoria Volume 1
14 Dian Cecht Familia Pharmacy Dian Cecht Familia Pharmacy A building made of white stone that also includes their home Sword Oratoria Volume 1
15 Goibniu Familia Workshop Goibniu Familia Forge The Goibniu Familia workplace that also includes their home Sword Oratoria Volume 1
16 Clothing Shops Clothing Stores The clothing shops located within the shoppin area in the northern mainstreet Sword Oratoria Volume 1
17 Witch's Secret House Witch's Secret House A magic shop owned by Lenoa. Riveria regularly visits the shop to have her staff maintained Sword Oratoria Volume 2
18 Market Area The market area has the highest concentration of foreigners in all of Orario My Memory
19 Free Market A place where adventurers can freely sell their goods My Memory
20 Hibachitei Hibachitei A bar where Welf Crozzo's level up was celebrated DanMachi Volume 6
21 Hearth Mansion Hearth Mansion Anime The current Hestia Familia home that used to belong to the Apollo Familia DanMachi Volume 6
22 Adventurer Graveyard Adventurer Graveyard Bodies of dead adventurers are buried here Sword Oratoria Volume 3
23 Entertainment District Entertainment District The Entertainment District includes places like brothels. It also contains the Ishtar Familia home DanMachi Volume 7
24 Cafe Wishe A cafe that is within walking distance of the Hearth Mansion and near Amor Square DanMachi Volume 7
25 Folkvangr The Freya Familia home DanMachi Volume 7
26 Pallum's Hidden Tavern A tavern that only serves Pallums DanMachi Volume 8
27 Storehouse The storehouse where Vil Crozzo met Welf Crozzo to hear his answer DanMachi Volume 8
28 Eina's Apartment Where Eina lives DanMachi Volume 8
29 Maria's Orphanage Maria's Orphanage The church where the orphanage run by Maria Martel is located DanMachi Volume 8
Dia Flora
A flower shop managed by people not belonging to any Familia Sword Oratoria Volume 3
Gnome's Great Library
An institution run by Gnomes that has an expensive entrance fee Sword Oratoria Volume 12
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