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The Player Familia is an exploration type Familia led by Player in DanMachi Orario Rhapsodia.


The Familia was first formed through Dia's help after a misunderstanding between the player and Emma. Looking to expand their Familia, the members recruited Iris, who admired adventurers and needed a way to pay off her debts. Later on, they attempted to recruit Oriana due to Gita's suggestion; however, she refused their offer, stating that they weren't as strong as she would like a potential conversion Familia to be.

Despite this, she agreed to become the Familia's personal instructor after Emma helped save a lost child she was looking for. She ultimately decided to join after she was reminded of her past when Emma used herself as a decoy in an attempt to help them escape a Killer Ant Pass Parade.

The Familia is friends with the Hestia Familia and others like the Miach Familia. In addition, they are also friends with Love and Gita.


Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Player God God God None Active
Emma Flores Human Adventurer Captain 1 Active
Iris Bennett Cows Adventurer/Cafe Employee None 1 Active
Oriana Drake Human Adventurer None 2 Active
Love Silva Cat People Adventurer None 1 Active
Gina Gwen Amazoness Adventurer None 1 Active
Karen Morris Human Adventurer None 1 Active
Gita Meyers Chienthrope Adventurer/Information Dealer None 1 Active
Primo Libera Elf Adventurer None 1 Active
Lucia Ramirez Human Adventurer None 1 Active
Leo Diaz Human Adventurer None 1 Active