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The Rudra Familia (ルドラ・ファミリア) was part of Evilus.


As part of Evilus, Rudra Familia often clashed with the Astraea Familia. Five years ago, the familia made a trap to kill the Astraea Familia. The plan failed and resulted in an accidental summoning of a Juggernaut due to the excessive damage to the dungeon. The monster killed most of the members of the Rudra and Astraea Familias, leaving Jura and Ryuu as the only survivors.

Later, the entire Rudra Familia was single-handedly destroyed by Ryuu as a part of her revenge. Some time after, Rudra was sent back to Heaven.


The statuses listed below are the statuses the Familia members had when the Familia was disbanded and not their current status.

Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Rudra God God God None Active
Jura Halmer Cat People Unknown None Unknown Active


  • Rudra is based off of the Vedic God of the same name.