Skills (スキル) are inherent abilities that can be discovered by those that have received a falna.


Unlike development abilities, skills can appear regardless of level. They can correct and strengthen specific basic abilities, magic, and actions. The chance of discovering a skill is said to be rare, and skills with effects that no one else has are considered to be rare skills, with Bell's Liaris Freese and Argonaut being examples of said category. Skills can be discovered during a level up or through other methods such as smithing. Some skills can have variations like Tione and Tiona's Berserk.


Name User Effect Debut
Liaris Freese (憧憬一途(リアリス・フレーゼ)) Bell Cranel

Fast growth as long as feelings last. The strength of the effects correspond with the level of the user's feelings. This skill also has the interesting side effect of making the bearer immune to divine charm according to Ishtar.

DanMachi Volume 01
Argonaut (英雄願望(アルゴノゥト)) Bell Cranel Allows a charge for a counterattack. It requires four minutes (formerly three) for a full charge and can either sound like a small chime or a grand bell depending on the power needed. It can be used for any type of attack but the effects will dissipate when the user is attacked or they lose focus DanMachi Volume 04
Artel Assist (縁下力持(アーテル・アシスト)) Liliruca Arde When the user is carrying a certain amount of weight, the skill will help compensate in abilities. The amount compensated depends on the weight DanMachi Volume 02
Crozzo Blood (魔剣血統(クロッゾ・ブラッド)) Welf Crozzo The user can create Magic Swords. Can raise the power of Magic Swords during creation DanMachi Volume 04
Fairy Serenade (妖精星唱(フェアリー・セレナード)) Ryuu Lion Increases the effects of magic. Effect rises at night DanMachi Volume 06 Booklet
Mind Load (精神装填(マインド・ロード)) Ryuu Lion Increases power stat when attacking by using mind. Active trigger DanMachi Volume 06 Booklet
Aero Mana (疾風迅雷(エアロ・マナ)) Ryuu Lion Increases attack power the faster the user is running DanMachi Volume 06 Booklet
Yamato Mikoto Enemy search within effect range, also reveals hidden enemies. Effect is exclusive for monsters and only works on monsters that the user has encountered before. Active Trigger DanMachi Volume 07
Yamato Mikoto Familia member search within effect range. Only works on those in the same Familia. Active Trigger DanMachi Volume 07
Fairy Cannon (妖精追奏(フェアリー・カノン)) Lefiya Viridis Increases the effects of Magic. The effect doubles when used with attack Magic Sword Oratoria Volume 02
Berserk (狂化招乱(バーサーク)) Tiona Hiryute Strength rises every time the user takes damage Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Intense Heat (大熱闘(インテンスヒート)) Tiona Hiryute Raises the strength of all abilities in a pinch Sword Oratoria Volume 03
Berserk (憤化招乱(バーサーク)) Tione Hiryute Strength rises every time the user takes damage. Effect rises based on the user's anger level Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Backdraft (大反攻(バックドラフト)) Tione Hiryute Raises the power of the user exceptionally high in a pinch Sword Oratoria Volume 04
Úlfheðinn (月下咆哮(ウールヴヘジン)) Bete Loga Ability only activates under moonlight. The user becomes beast like, dramatically improves in all areas, and all abnormalities are negated Sword Oratoria Volume 05
Fenris Wolf (孤狼疾駆(フェンリスヴォルフ)) Bete Loga Improves user running speed Sword Oratoria Volume 05
Solmani (双狼追駆(ソルマーニ)) Bete Loga Improves strength and speed at acceleration Sword Oratoria Volume 05
Fairy Anthem (妖精王唱(フェアリー・アンセム)) Riveria Ljos Alf Increases the effects of the user's magic, increases attack range, and increases the power of the magic by a large amount based on the chant length Sword Oratoria Volume 06
Alf Regina (妖精王印(アールヴ・レギナ)) Riveria Ljos Alf Strengthens the user's magic abilities, strengthens the effects of the magic of all Elves within the user's magic circle, and converts the used magic energy of all Elves within the magic circle to mind and absorbs it Sword Oratoria Volume 06
Dvergr Enhance
Gareth Landrock Raises the user's strength stat by a large amount Sword Oratoria Volume 07
Ardigalea (地剛兜(アルディーガレア)) Gareth Landrock Raises the user's endurance stat by a large amount and raises endurance against attack magic Sword Oratoria Volume 07
Pallum Spirit (小人真諦(パルゥム・スピリット)) Finn Deimne Boosts the effects of magic and skills in the face of adversity Sword Oratoria Volume 08
Noble Brave (勇猛勇心(ノーブル・ブレイブ)) Finn Deimne Provides high resistance against mental attacks Sword Oratoria Volume 08
Dia Fianna (騎心一槍(ディア・フィアナ)) Finn Deimne When wielding a spear, the user is temporarily able to use the development ability Spearman. The effects are dependent on the user's level Sword Oratoria Volume 08
Command Howl (指揮戦声(コマンド・ハウル)) Finn Deimne Expands transmission functions when the user's shouts go over a certain point. During a melee, the increase in expansion changes in proportion to the scale of the battle Sword Oratoria Volume 08
Ail mac Midna (軍長勲章(アル・マクミーナ)) Finn Deimne Provides high resistance against drowsiness, increases the user's ability to stay awake, and increases endurance against the fire element Sword Oratoria Volume 08
Ox Slayer (闘牛本能(オックス・スレイヤー)) Bell Cranel Heavily increases all abilities when fighting raging bull type monsters, potentially making the user stronger than their actual level when fighting them DanMachi Volume 12
Avenger (復讐姫(アヴェンジャー)) Ais Wallenstein Heavily increases the user's attack power against monsters, massively increases the user's attack power against dragon type monsters. Effect rises based on the user's hate Sword Oratoria Volume 09 (flashback)
Rein Amur (親愛開花(リイン・アムル)) Emma Flores Causes a rhapsodia among those with the same falna when conditions are met. The user is temporarily borrowing the status of their fellow familia members, and who they can borrow from is predetermined DanMachi Orario Rhapsodia
Five Dimension Troia (謳え悲劇世界の王女(ファイブ・ディメンション・トロイア)) Cassandra Ilion A mysterious skill. Can't be decoded. Its name doesn't appear in hieroglyphs DanMachi Volume 14
Elios Passion
Daphne Lauros Slightly raises the user's agility. Allows the user to temporarily obtain the development ability Escape if being chased DanMachi Volume 14
Laurus Wreath
Daphne Lauros Heavily increases the user's endurance if exhausted or dying. The user can select where to activate and modifies their skin DanMachi Volume 14
Knight Wall (守護騎士(ナイト・ウォール)) Oriana Drake Allows the user to protect others as long as they wields a weapon. Raises the user's endurance based on the amount of people they're trying to protect DanMachi Orario Rhapsodia
Never Retreat (一騎決戦(ネヴァ・リトリート)) Karen Morris Strengthens the user's status as long as fighting one on one DanMachi Orario Rhapsodia
Noblesse Oblige (正々堂々(ノブレス・オブリージュ)) Karen Morris Strengthens the user's strength and agility when attacking an opponent they're facing directly DanMachi Orario Rhapsodia
Punisher (激掌断罪(パニッシャー)) Suu Lotti Increases the user's strength with every consecutive hit on opponent DanMachi Orario Rhapsodia
Heat Barrage (熱烈爆闘(ヒートバラージ)) Vivian Green Increases all of the user's basic abilities DanMachi Orario Rhapsodia
Command Call
Liliruca Arde Increases the area the user can convey orders to depending on how loud they're shouting. During a melee, the area increase effect is determined by the size of the battle. The user can remotely relay orders to people who have the same falna, the maximum distance is determined by user's level DanMachi Volume 15
Veritas Burn
Welf Crozzo Gives the user high fire resistance and increases their attack power when using fire element attacks DanMachi Volume 15
Sanjouno Haruhime Increases the effects of the user's magic and improves mind usage DanMachi Volume 15
Double Canon
Lefiya Viridis Lets the user keep the magic circle of magic they'd finished chanting as a ring on their left arm by using mind. Allows the user to use it whenever they wanted. The user is only able to keep one magic. Active trigger Sword Oratoria Volume 12
Fairy Senior
Filvis Challia Increases the effects of the user's magic. Effect rises based on the user's sorrow Sword Oratoria Volume 12
Monstrum Union
Filvis Challia Signifies that the user is a hybrid between child and monster, a neo irregular. Causes a status bug and anima erosion Sword Oratoria Volume 12
Filvis Challia Changes the light and wavelength of the user's magic and also adds anti healing to magic. Active trigger Sword Oratoria Volume 12
Vana Arganture
Ottar Allows the user to beastify, raising all abilities by an extremely large amount. Every use drains the user's stamina and mind by a large amount. Active trigger Familia Chronicle Episode Freya
Stortus Ottar
Ottar Allows the user to use the development abilities Healing Power and Spirit Healing, and strengthens all development abilities when continues to fight. The condition for the skill is in proportion to the user's status Familia Chronicle Episode Freya

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